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10 Banner Template Samples

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A banner template will give you professional looking designs for your business or product. They are fully customizable with drag-and-drop interfaces that allow you to be creative and productive in no time. They offer print options and multiple sharing as well. If you don’t find anything you like, you can always create one of your own!

What Are the Different Styles of Banners?


A pennant banner is rectangular shaped giving you a smart design option. You will know where the fold lines and measurements of the banner are when you order. They are easy to download, customize, and can be quickly printed for your use. They can be displayed at a variety of events.


Birthday banner template
Image by macrovector via Freepik

The Birthday Banner shows your loved ones how much you care. It makes their special day into a custom-designed event. You can insert your own brand of humor and creativity if you are so inclined. If you would rather select something already designed, you can download the Birthday Banner templates and choose from there. There are a lot of examples to choose from and they come printed on durable material. You can customize the templates with your specific information, images, or graphics.


The Triangle Banner is a polygon shape with three vertices and edges. It is used for designer ads on triangular clothes. Download and customize them for your internet advertisement. There are thousands of images to choose from when creating your own banner template.


Flag Banners are pieces of cloth with a message, slogan, or symbol used for advertising. You can add animated graphics, text, and sound. Download sample banner templates to get an idea of what you can create. You can add graphics, photos, or other things to customize them and make them as stylish as you want.

Baby Shower

Baby Shower template
Image by stockgiu via Freepik

A Baby Shower is the celebration of the coming of a new member of the family or friends. Gifts are given to the mother-to-be to welcome the child into the world. It used to be that only the first child was celebrated, with only women invited. It is commonly given by a close friend. Now you can have any kind of celebration you choose, and there are many banner template samples to select from to help you create the right party for your event. They are customizable, so get creative!


This type of advertisement offers discounted ad rates to companies that promote their products through the internet. They can be done in a variety of fashions and designs. There are many banner template samples of Blanket Banners to choose from.


Welcome Banners are used to welcome those who are dear to you. Whether it be a homecoming or a new neighbor, you can make the event special with a banner. Military families often will create a Welcome Banner for those who are returning home after long absences. They come in a variety of pictures and designs on cloth that can be used to decorate the house. Download banner template samples to review. They come with a variety of graphics, videos, and photos or you can add your own for a more custom look.

Banner Ad

Banner ads template
Image by Freepik via Freepik

Banner Ads are useful in many scenarios, and everyone likes to have special templates on hand. With the samples you have to select from, you can create Banner Ads of all sizes and for the application that works for you. Download banner templates, edit them, and make them your own style to get the job done in no time at all.

Step and Repeat

Step and Repeat Banners are mostly used for photography. They are printed with patterns, such as a brand logo, and are visible in photos of people standing in front of them. They can be constructed from fabric, canvas, poster paper, or vinyl and can be attached to materials like plywood. Vinyl will offer brighter images as it is a heavier weight. Download banner template examples and samples to get started.


Wedding Banners are used to congratulate a couple who is getting married. They are mainly used to decorate a reception or church. They can also be used at engagement parties as well. Download banner template examples of Wedding Banners which you can customize with backgrounds and themes appropriate for the venue.

Bridal Shower

Bridal shower banner
Image by macrovector via Freepik

A Bridal Shower is an event thrown by the family or friends of the engaged couple to help furnish their new home with necessities they will need to start their new lives together. It could also be a way to give financial help. The bridal shower originated in Holland when the bride’s friends would shower the bride with gifts as a dowry for her wedding. Dowries aren’t practiced much today, but the tradition of gift giving from friends and family is. Download free examples and samples of Bridal Shower Banners you can customize to fit your bride-to-be.


A Vertical Banner can help your business flourish by placing it at the entrance of business promotions and events. They are taller than wide, which makes them perfect for entrances. You can download templates and samples, and they come in a variety of colors and background designs that are customizable.


A Party Banner is used to celebrate any occasion from a wedding reception to a birthday party. They are used to announce corporate parties. You can customize them to look however you desire. Download examples and samples, they come with a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes.

Roll up

Roll up banner templates
Image by bizkette1 via Freepik

Roll up Banners require minimum workforce and are easy to install. They are eye-catching and come in a variety of sizes. They can be printed on both sides and hung from the ceiling if desired. You can move them around and rearrange them with ease. Download and take a look at some samples. They come with seal protection, are lightweight, and elegant.

How Do You Use Banner Templates?

You no longer need to have a professional design. There are banner templates with the options available from companies who do all the design work for you. All you have to do is customize their templates with your company’s information and you’re ready to go. They are easy to download, can be edited to suit your business, and they come in a variety of patterns and designs. They can be used for several events or venues. You can use free banner templates for farewell parties, birthday parties, and wedding functions, it doesn’t have to be business related. It’s a fun way to get your message out to others about an event that’s important to you and others.


The banners come in an array of high-resolution images with vibrant colors. Many larger businesses are using YouTube for advertising. There are samples you can explore if this is where you would like your product to appear.


Facebook is another way to market your company and products. There are sample banners for you to choose from. You could add hi-res photos, your company name, your logo and any other information you desire.

How to Choose the Best Banner for the Occasion

Banner templates
Image by piixypeach via Freepik

There are categories to select from that will give you the topic you are looking for along with the appropriate graphics such as travel, sports, software & technology, real estate, holidays & events, health, food & services, fashion & jewelry, education, e-commerce, business, blog & lifestyle, and automotive to name a few! For instance, say that you are interested in creating a banner for a fashion site you have. Select the fashion & jewelry template design and you will see examples of templates you can select from. Pick the one that most closely resembles your business model. At this point you will be given the option of the size of the display ad you are interested in. They range from different rectangle sizes to mobile to skyscraper.

You can change fonts or replace the background if you choose. If there is an option for animation, you can select that to see how it will be displayed. You insert your URL and make it your own. It’s fun and couldn’t be easier to do. The costs run from free to try them to a monthly rate that gives you either a limited number to unlimited banners depending on how often you will need to edit them. Billing is annual. Support is available from the company if you need help, and they will even run analytics for you.

Protect Your Brand

Some companies will give you lockable templates to protect your brand. Create a template or import one of theirs. Lock branded elements you don’t want to be edited. Allow colleagues to personalize as needed. Distribute to others for their review. This will offer you security & support, collaboration & approvals, sharing and publishing with no worries. Some features offered include:

  • SSL encryption
  • Domain lockdown
  • Local backups
  • A dedicated support rep
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Leave messages or chat
  • Approval process functionality
  • Share in print or on website
  • Publish online with a custom link
  • Mail merge functionality
Happy birthday banners
Image by macrovector via Freepik

With template locking there will be no accidental off-brand colors or stretched logos. You can lock down fonts, positioning, logos, and images keeping your brand assets safe.


Banner advertising first appeared in 1994 and it has increased marketing through the internet. A banner is a web-based advertising piece that is graphic in nature. It provides a platform for you to show your product to the world. It is the main source of internet marketing. There are a variety of examples and samples to choose from.

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