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10 Certificate Templates Samples

There are many resources on the internet for creating quality certificates from certificate templates. There are some many in fact that we have gathered a sampling that can jumpstart any project you have planned. Here we will discuss, in brief, how a certificate template can be made or edited digitally, types of certificates that are often awarded, their significance and their common elements. Ten certificate template samples are provided and linked below for easy access.

The Significance of Recognition

Giving documentation in the form of a certificate to formally recognize your colleagues, your friends, your loved ones or others is a lasting reminder that their achievements matter. Certificates are tangible proof that others have looked at the outward efforts you have made in life and that they have seen the value created. What may seem like a small gesture can really change the day of the person on the receiving end. Certificates can be placed on a high shelf as a reminder that others see you have light to give or have strived ahead with new knowledge.

Company Thank You

There are so many reasons someone would want to voice appreciation for another and want certificate templates to help them do so. At businesses, the whole company can benefit when those who are appreciated by their colleagues are appreciated by their company’s culture. In any environment team pride increases when team members know that their efforts do not go unappreciated. Highlighting excellence is not only good for morale; it’s beneficial to team cohesion.

Personal Growth and Achievement

Certificates of course completion are of personal growth importance, similar to certificates of achievement or participation in nature. They provide a written record of a certain level of knowledge obtained or association. Finding good certiicate templates to make a personalized and meaningful award of this type can make all the difference in someone’s life.


Additionally, certificates are a wonderful way to give gifts. Personal gifts or coupons can be a kind manner of letting the people in your life know that they can treat themselves to something special. These coupons may be a kind of “I owe you” where you present them with the opportunity to be treated to a trip to the movies or a trip to a spa. They may simply be a reminder of what someone thinks of you.

Have you been thinking of acknowledging your teammate for stepping up to the plate and making the extra effort at the right moment? Maybe you are a small business that wants to standardize professional achievements, such as having been with the company for many years or having managed one aspect of the company for others. Formal recognition can lead to not only internal recognition but recognition within the community. Certificate templates can help you find the words to do that.

Types of Certificates

There are numerous reasons to reward others by calling out their positive achievements. Whether it be an expected step after a course’s completion or a surprise all in itself, certificates are readily received. Below we have listed some of the more widely used titles for certificates:

  • Certificate of Completion
  • Certificate of Recognition
  • Gift Certificate/ Coupon
  • Awarding You Certificate
  • Certificate of Appreciation
  • Certificate of Participation
  • Certificate of Achievement

Common Elements of a Certificate


The title is the main conveyor of what type of certificate is being issued. This should summarize the reason the certificate is being awarded in a few short words.

Description of Certification

A longer description of the type of award or reason for certification is added for a more complete explanation.


The recipient of the certificate is named in writing.

Issuer of the Certificate

The issuer is usually a formal body or organization that recognizes an individual or an individual gifting another individual.

Date of Award

The date the certificate is awarded is added to the certificate for a formal stamp of record. This gives the certificate a formal or professional look.


The representative of the certificate issuer signs the certificate for physical proof of certification. This way the recipient knows that the giver has presented the certificate with sincerity.

How to Create a Certificate

There are various types of software out there that can be used to edit and design certificate templates. If you have Microsoft Office products, which are common, you can use Word or PowerPoint to create your own template or edit one of the many available templates. Other open source products come at no cost to you and are more than likely able to load the same Word templates.

Adobe Photoshop is another option for the most artistic designs but has a more technical editing process and has a costly license. There is such a variety of Microsoft Word templates available to anyone with that application that we will focus on editing a template there.

Editing Certificate Templates in Microsoft Word

Step 1

Open your desktop’s Microsoft Word application by clicking on the blue book opening icon with a W on it. If the page you see does not automatically bring up example templates and a search bar click on New to open a new document.

Step 2

Search in the search bar for the word certificate or a more specific word of your choosing. Click on the template to see the preview window then click again to open it.

Step 3

Edit the text for name, amount and description fields. Consider leaving the name field blank if you are creating certificates for multiple people. Personal touches such as handwritten signatures and an inspiring title add flare.

Step 4

Print your certificates. As added decoration you can add glitter or ribbon. Cut off any edges that are white unless you want a white frame. Glue the certificate to a thicker piece of cardstock, frame or laminate your finished certificate.

Make Your Own Certificate

Alternatively, you can create your own template from scratch by using a blank document in Microsoft Word (or Powerpoint). Chose the layout whether vertical or horizontal by going to the Layout tab and clicking on Orientation. Insert images and text boxes to design your own certificate. These tools can be found in the Insert tab.

The color of the page can be changed by going to the tab Design and clicking on Page Color. Add a border to your new certificate template by, in the Design tab, clicking on Page Borders. Then select the art, width, color and style of the border. Go to the Insert tab to add WordArt. Stylizing your text in this manner can create the bowed top banner of a certificate you may be familiar with.

10 Certificate Templates Samples

Here are ten sample certificate templates to start your project out with.

Sample One https://www.template.net/business/certificate-templates/sample-certificate-template/

Stylized certificates of many types can be found here. Most are available free to download.

Sample Two https://www.template.net/business/certificate-templates/certificate-templates-in-pdf/

Many certificates of recognition and congratulations for school achievements, thank you’s for donating, teaching achievements or course completion ideas can be found here.

Sample Three https://www.template.net/business/certificate-templates/microsoft-word-certificate/

Several gift certificates for distribution from a company can be found here. These vouchers or coupon ideas are a good example of what can be made to distribute a gift to employees for vacations or as an appreciative compensation.

Sample Four https://www.wikihow.com/Sample/Certificate

Despite its nondescript name, this certificate has a pleasing ornate design that doesn’t require using a lot of printer ink.

Sample Five https://www.wikihow.com/Sample/Elegant-Certificate

This certificate template design is reminiscent of formal party or event invitations. The cursive writing elegantly announces the reason for your reception.

Sample Six https://www.wikihow.com/Sample/Contemporary-Certificate

This contemporary certificate template has an appealing digital spherical design that can be used for almost any occasion. Its layout is unique in having two columns.

Sample Seven https://www.wikihow.com/Sample/Old-Style-Certificate

This old style certificate gives the impression of being a large seal of approval, a very versatile template.

Sample Eight https://www.template.net/editable/71/course-completion-certificate

Template.net offers certificate templates in several document formats for further modification beyond adding text. These course completion certificate templates have two tones of geometric blue shapes on a white background.

Sample Nine https://www.template.net/editable/3526/mechanic-course-completion-certificate

This mechanical themed template has an orange and black color scheme with a gears graphic showing good engineering achievement.

Sample Ten https://www.template.net/editable/9436/internship-certificate-of-completion

This certificate has blocks of yellow in the corners and as a frame for an all around classic template look.

If you are looking to purchase certificate templates, many fine templates can be found here. The prices for these templates are generally around ten dollars.


Generosity of heart can change the world. The creative gesture of presenting to others a certificate has a lasting effect on people’s presence in the workplace and their sense of personal worth. The handshake and smile you’ll get when you recognize them and your work will be very rewarding to you and to them!

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