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10 Free Wedding Invitation Templates Samples

So, you’ve found the partner of your dreams, imagined every wedding color scheme possible, and your dress is an easy decision. Now comes the time to plan all those small details that inevitably make a huge impact. There are venues to discuss, food to consider, plus ones to ponder over, and the biggest of all, budgets to adhere to. We know, planning a wedding is no small feat and budgets are tricky. That is why we’ve compiled a list of all the information you need to know about the money-saving wedding technique you never knew you needed. So, before you take out that wallet, do yourself a favor and consider a gorgeous, yet, cost-efficient approach. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about free wedding invitation templates.

Why Are Wedding Invitations Important?

Simply put, wedding invitations are a necessary tool for your wedding arsenal. They are a functional reminder and a beautiful keepsake for you and those invited to your special day.

Wedding invites are the first impression guests will receive regarding your wedding and set the tone for your special day, so make sure you convey the right message. These notifications are a great way to help guests prepare for your event as they can be used to relay important information such as dress codes, time, location, and any of other special messages. Wedding invitations also allow your guests to RSVP, so you can accurately prepare for your wedding day.
With all that they do, it’s clear to see that finding the right wedding invitation is a necessity. But, just because they are important, doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to find the perfect one.

Free wedding invitation templates are a great way to save money while ensuring that you make an impression. These practical solutions allow you to cut down on costs without compromising the quality or the style of your wedding invitations.

And, you can rest assured that one size does not fit all here. Most wedding invitations are completely customizable, allowing you to add your own unique touch to your wedding invite. These beauties will look so good that no one will be able to tell that you printed them from your own printer or that they were free.

How Do You Pick out the Best Wedding Invitations?

As we mentioned, free wedding invitations offer all the affordability you need with little to no compromise. So, how do you pick out the best wedding invitations? Well, the short answer is your primary focus should be on 3 things: theme, information included, and format.


There is no shortage of variety in wedding invitations. Some are simple, elegant, and others are vivid and colorful. Before you go to print, you should first consider what the overall ‘feel’ of your wedding will be, the dress code you envision on your special day, and even your venue. The wedding invitation should be a physical reflection of what your wedding will be, so make sure that the theme of the invitation is cohesive with the rest of your event.

Information Included

Most wedding invitations have the standard time, date, location. But, others include pictures of the couple, RSVP information, and the dress code. If your budget is tight, you may want to opt for a wedding invitation with RSVP information so that you can have a better idea of how many guests to expect. Or, if a specific dress code is a must, then be sure to choose a wedding invite that lists all of your specifications.


We live in a technological age. Almost everyone has consistent access to the internet or their mobile devices, so why not take advantage of it? For the tech-savvy DIY bride sending an e-vite to your wedding may just be the best option. It is a great way to ensure that everyone receives an invitation, it eliminates the hassle and cost of printing and mailing invitations, and it makes keeping track of RSVPs that much easier. Oh, and it’s free.

10 Free Wedding Invitation Templates Samples

Now that we’ve established why wedding invitations are important and how to pick the best one for your wedding, we can take a look at 10 stunning free wedding invitation templates.

1. Rustic and Fresh- Mountain Modern Life

Mountain Modern Life is the perfect place for the country chic or minimalist bride to begin their wedding invite search. These simple, rustic, and fresh invites are sure to dazzle you and remain a keepsake that your guests will cherish. Simply customize your invite, print it on card stock, and send.

2. Floral Water Colors- Greetings Island

Watercolors are a soft and delicate, yet vibrant, way to incorporate color into your wedding invitation. Greeting Island offers a ton of gorgeous floral and watercolor invitations. The best part is that their templates are easy to edit, download, send online, and print, so that you can continue planning your wedding with ease.

3. Simple and Easy to Use invitations- Canva

Express your creative side with Canva. This site is well known for its social media, wallpaper, and e-book templates, but they also have fabulous free wedding invitation templates. The great thing about Cana is they have an easy-to-use interface, and you can even customize everything from colors, text, and font, to photos or images.

4. Endless Options- Printable Invitations Kit

Printable invitations Kit offers hundreds of free wedding invitations with designs to fit any wedding. To use these templates, you must first download them as a PDF with Adobe Acrobat and then customize the invitation with your own unique details.

5. Whimsical Modern and Traditional- Cards and Pockets

Cards and pockets offer dozens of free wedding invitation templates in a variety of styles. Most designs are fairly traditional, however, the website also has some great modern and traditional templates that are sure to suit any wedding. This handy site even comes with an online tool that allows you to enter your wedding information, adjust the graphics, and change the background colors.

6. Contemporary and Unique- Love Lavender

Love Lavander offers a variety of low cost and free invitation templates, save-the-date templates, RSVPs, and more. You can even download other free printable material for almost any event. The easy-to-use website stands out from the crowd, allowing users to narrow their search by style, color, and even certain word phrases. Most of the invitation templates can be opened and edited as a PDF file or as a PNG file. Just choose your color scheme, font, and add in your wedding details to create the perfect unique wedding invitations for your special day.

7. The Perfect Balance of Traditional and Modern- Wedding Chicks

If you are looking for a one-stop shop of diverse wedding templates, then look no further. Wedding chicks offer invitations perfect for any event in a harmonious blend of traditional and modern styles. Many of the wedding invitations come with matching RSVP cards, favor tags, and table numbers so that your entire wedding can be cohesively stunning.

8. DIY Downloadable Invitations- Doodle Love

If you are looking for simple free wedding templates that will allow you to show your creative side, Doodle Love may be the right place to start. The website currently only offers a few invitations, but these beauties are made to be enhanced with pearls, jewels, and other embellishments. So, if you are looking to DIY and add your own personal touch to your wedding invitations, try one of Doodle Loves stunning invitations.

9. Classic and Simple- The American Wedding

If completely creating your own wedding invitation isn’t for you, try another route. The American Wedding stands out from the crowd by offering free samples of tons of wedding invitations. This try-before-you-buy approach ensures that you absolutely love your invitations before you even consider the printer.

10. The Most Stunning Wedding Electronic Invitations – Evites:

Use the Internet for something really positive with these beautiful electronic invitations. Evites offers dozens of free and premium electronic templates in a variety of styles. With this easy-to-use website, you can customize your wedding invitation and send it to all your loved ones with just a few clicks. Your special guests are sure to smile when they see the dazzling designs and personal touches that an electronic wedding invitation allows you to add.


Your wedding day will probably be a lot of things. It’s sure to be joyful and nerve-wracking, but most of all, it should be memorable and affordable.


Thankfully, now more than ever, it is possible to save on wedding expenses. And, free wedding invitation templates help wedding planners everywhere do just that. Not only are they cost effective, but, they are also a diverse and stunning way to invite your loved ones to your special day. Invitations serve as your wedding’s first impression, a reminder and a keepsake all at the same time. But, just because they are an important part of the wedding process doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to find the perfect one. We hope the list above gives you the inspiration to create, and the information to find the perfect wedding invitation for your memorable event. So, whether it be whimsical and floral or classic and simple, may your wedding invitation be a beautiful reflection of you and your love.

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