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10 Raffle Ticket Template Samples

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Raffle is a popular game at events, parties and charity functions. Awaiting your raffle ticket number to be called out is quite exciting. Apart from people winning prizes, raffles help raise a lot of funds for different social causes. For organizers, including a raffle in the event requires planning. Designing, printing and selling the raffle tickets is a big task. A raffle ticket template makes your work easier and allows you to customize your ticket according to the event it is going tobe used in.

Where Can You Find Raffle Ticket Templates?

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A raffle basically involves selling numbered tickets in advance and then drawing a number out of all which will be declared as the prize winner during the event.

Preparing for a Raffle

Preparing for a raffle takes some time and careful planning. The most important step is to take legal permission. A raffle is considered as a form of gambling, so certain rules and restrictions are placed on conducting it.

Local Laws and Permissions

Certain states require you to have a raffle license while it is absolutely banned in some states like Alabama and Hawaii. Almost all states need a certified non-profit status to be eligible for a raffle.

Even after applying for a permit, raffle licences may take a while to be processed, so plan according to your event date. It is essential to find out the local and federal restrictions if you are planning an online raffle as rules for the raffles vary everywhere.

Fund raising raffles for charity organizations have a chance to make a lot of money because more people invest in a raffle as they feel they have an opportunity to win if they participate.

Promoting Your Raffle

Your raffle will be successful only if you are able to promote it well. Emailers and social media posts can help you reach a large audience and encourage people to participate. They will in turn tell more people about your raffle, become an indirect marketing tool. Higher participation will lead to more funds that can be used for noble purposes and also go towards the winning prize.

Ticket Sales

Selling tickets at the right place is important as approaching the wrong crowd will get you nowhere. If you are organizing a raffle to raise funds for children with special needs, for example; you can pitch ticket sale booths where parents are most likely to come across your event information. If the event is for abandoned animals or medical aid for them, you can approach animal hospitals, training centers and kennels. If it is a musical event, music schools, private teachers, and even celebrities may contribute.

Sourcing a Raffle Ticket Template

Event organizers spend a lot of time and energy to come up with the right ideas for the raffle tickets. The tickets have to look good and be attractive. According to federal laws, they must provide all the necessary information about the raffle and the charity organization on them. Tickets of an appropriate size and color need to be printed.

Rather than racking your brains for such detailing, you can source a raffle ticket template online. There are innumerable templates available and you will surely find one that suits your event. Once you have a template, you can also customize your ticket depending on your event requirements.

What Are the Options Available for a Raffle Ticket Template?

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You can either download and print out readymade raffle ticket templates online or create your own in Microsoft Word or Photoshop. Step by step tutorials are available for the same as well.


Information that must be printed on the raffle tickets includes name of the organization that will benefit from the funds raised, cost of each ticket, date and time of the event, prizes to be won and place for ticket holder’s personal details. So make sure your raffle ticket is of an appropriate size that can include all the required text on it and is readable at the same time.

It is also a good idea to include a watermark or some sign of identification to ensure that the raffle tickets that people hold are authentic.


If you have a printer, you can download and print a raffle ticket template by yourself and then cut them. An alternative is to use online raffle ticket templates, add your event information, select images, finalize the ticket and then wait for the printed tickets to be shipped to you directly.

You could also avail the services of a local printing company that can help you design and print the tickets.

How to Choose the Best Raffle Ticket Template

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There are a plethora of raffle ticket templates to choose from online. You are almost spoilt for choice. But choosing the right template is important for your event.

Event and Audience

If your event has something to do with senior citizens or an international collaboration, it would be best to choose templates that have elegant and simple designs. If you are raising funds for an organization that cares for war widows, for example, you obviously cannot have a funny or gaudy template.

If you want to attract kids, parents, families or youngsters, your raffle ticket can be bold and colorful. You can also base ticket designs according to the time of the year, seasons or festivals if they are in any way related to your event.

Materials and Colors Used

If your event is about environment protection or nature conservation, you can make your raffle tickets unique by printing them on hand-made or recyclable paper. Raffle ticket templates for July 4th or Christmas related events can use the festive colors in the background of the text.

10 Raffle Ticket Template Samples

There area lot of ticket template sources available for an online or offline raffle. You can check out some great ticket samples on the below. Some sites need you to create an account and log in before customizing and downloading your raffle ticket designs.

Hloom.com is a wonderful site where you can see a list of multiple, ready to print raffle ticket templates for various occasions. (https://www.hloom.com/more/raffle-ticket-templates/#free-raffle-tickets ) Here is some of what they offer:


The first ready to use template on this site is for a youth club. It has a simple yet bright color combination and could be used on a poster as well.


The second raffle template is more formal and has no picture. The blue color gives it an air of sophistication.


The next template has a pleasant red and green color. This could also be used around Christmas time. It has adequate space for including all the information about your event and highlighting it in the red colored blocks.


This template is in pink and lavender, giving it a romantic feel- a good option if you want couples to participate in the raffle.

Social Cause

The fifth template is a ticket for a Cancer charity event. The pink color and the picture of a ribbon are eye-catching and will immediately indicate to the buyer what the fund-raising is for.

Cash Prize

If the winner of your raffle is going to win a cash prize, you might as well attract more ticket buyers by flashing the cash prize amount on the ticket. This template has prize amounts highlighted in green and white.

Real Estate

This template with the picture of a house in the bottom right corner can be used for events related to housing and construction. Like the cancer awareness event raffle ticket, people will instantly understand what your event pertains to.


A ticket template that attracts kids and their parents must be colorful and have cute, happy faces on them. This template with caricatures of kids and a cat can be used for school or day care center events. It also indicates the winning cash prize right at the center of the ticket.


A green colored raffle ticket can be used in multiple ways. It can indicate an event to do with money or even the environment. It is also easy to convert into a poster for the main event.


The background on this template shows a winding road with a red car in the bottom right corner- an indication that the event has something to do with vehicles. In a plain red, white and gray, the template highlights all the important information that must attract the buyer’s glance. There are many more templates here and on various other sites.

Keep in mind the purpose and audience of your event and choose accordingly. Remember that the cost of the ticket makes a big difference too.


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Raffle ticket templates are easy to use and convenient to print. Organizing a fund-raising event needs a lot of preparation but you can skip the hassles of designing the raffle ticket by using pre-designed templates that suit your event.

In case there is a change of plans or any details in the event, the tickets can easily be customized and reprinted, saving you a lot of resources.

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