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10 Recommendation Letter Template Samples

If you are looking for a job or have ever looked for one, you know how complicated it can be. Employers want as much information as possible on a candidate before they will even set up an interview. A prospective candidate needs as many positive examples of their work as possible, and that can include letters of recommendation from others. These can be difficult to write properly, but like resumes, there is something to help – the recommendation letter template.

A recommendation letter requires careful work. How this letter presents the applicant may make or break their chances of getting a job. It’s a lot of pressure; but don’t worry. This guide will help you understand how to compose these letters and suggest some recommendation letter templates to make sure the right person gets the right job.

Why Recommendation Letters Are Important and How to Get One

Before we begin, we should explain what a recommendation letter is. These letters are like cover letters in that they both want to convince an employer that a person is right for a certain job. However a recommendation letter is not written by the applicant, but by their previous employer or someone else familiar with them and their work. Obviously, only ask for such a letter if your previous job went well!

Seeing a letter from your previous employer will convey a lot to your potential one. It often acts as the ‘cherry’ on the top of your application. So if you need one, be sure to understand how to properly ask for it. This can be a vital document, and you need to get it done right.

Asking for a Letter

The first step is to find the right person to ask; this is usually your direct supervisor. However, you can ask someone higher up if you worked together at some point. Once you know who to ask, be sure you’re on good enough terms with them to ask about the letter. If they agree, ask them to focus on key skills without being vague, and above all, thank them for their work.

Digital Identity

You can also create a professional digital identity to help sell yourself. Websites like Linkedin and Wizbil can help you build a strong professional network. This is essential in modern times as it helps employers find you in searches. It may not be as personal as a recommendation letter, but it’s another important way to help build yourself and have another source for skill recommendations.

Regardless of how you get a letter, you should do all you can to get one. Having a good recommendation letter carries a lot of positives with it. This letter will help you stand out from other applicants, especially while seeking an important job. So while employers do not require a recommendation letter, you should do your best to include one when you apply for a new job.

How to Write a Recommendation Letter

So far, we’ve covered how to get a recommendation letter written for you. It’s an important skill to be sure, but what about the other side? How does an employer or other person of authority make sure that they are writing a strong letter to help an applicant? It’s a tricky question, but fortunately, it’s one we know how to answer.


If you are asked to write a recommendation letter, you need to take it seriously. Your words on this letter may be the difference between an applicant getting a job or not. The key is choosing the right words and terms for yourself and the applicant. For example, you should identify your position in your company and professional relationship with the applicant so that a potential employer can recognize your standing and knowledge of the candidate.

The Applicant

Once you’ve identified yourself, you’ll need to describe the qualities, both personal and professional, that the applicant has. If done properly, with precise and concrete terms, this will solidify the candidate with a potential employer. For this to happen, you must link the qualities and skills the applicant displays in their current job with the new one. Contact details are also vital, as they allow the potential employer to contact you.

10 Recommendation Letter Template Samples

Now that we’ve gone over a recommendation letter and what it can mean for an applicant, you may feel like you’re ready to write. That’s great, but don’t get started yet. Remember, this can be a crucial document and needs to be handled properly. That’s where recommendation letter templates come in.

Like resume templates, recommendation letter templates give you a base to craft a letter from. A recommendation letter template lets you make sure your work is formatted properly and looks professional. There are many templates you can choose from. However, we’ve narrowed it down to ten samples from template.net that will help you craft the perfect recommendation letter.

Personal Letter Recommendation for High School

This recommendation letter template is best suited for high school teachers. Seniors often ask their teachers for letters of recommendation for their college applications. This is a vital recommendation; perhaps the most important one a teacher will ever write for a student. Be sure to use this template to help your student with the admissions board.

Editable Personal Letter of Recommendation Form

This recommendation letter template functions more as a cover; however, it can be furnished with the letter of recommendation. The covering format is strong, but it also contains the instructions to create a letter of recommendation. Be sure to follow instructions!

Editable Personal Letter of Recommendation Character Example

Many jobs want a character assessment from a former employer. This will highlight the ethical conduct of the applicant. As such, this recommendation letter template is a perfect way to highlight. Done properly and accurately, it will stand as a strong character certification.

Free Nurse Personal Letter of Recommendation

Medical positions require strong, clear letters of recommendation. This recommendation letter template fills those requirements with ease. The format is simple and perfectly suitable. Best of all, it can be downloaded and rewritten, as doctors may make many recommendations over their careers.

Personal Recommendation Letter

Writing a recommendation letter for a friend can be difficult. It needs to balance the personal relationship with a real professional assessment. This recommendation letter template allows you to craft a personalized, but still professional letter. It can also be downloaded and rewritten for more than one friend.

Printable Personal Letter of Recommendation

Sometimes, simplicity is the key. This recommendation letter template is the simplest letter you can furnish to an employee. Be sure to use it appropriately though. You’ll need to write very well to use such a simple template.

Printable Personal Recommendation Letter for Employment

This recommendation letter template stands as a character testament. It provides many character-based examples to sell the applicant. However it is light on examples that could relate to the job. Regardless, it paints a solid picture of the applicant’s character.

Free Personal Reference Letter for Neighbor Friend

From the title, this recommendation letter template sounds like it would contain more character examples. It does give character example, but it also shows his professional success. Some aspects even mix the personal and professional. Combined with the contact information, this is a solid recommendation letter.

Free Download Personal Letter of Recommendation for College

This template is a good example for a teacher to use. It goes in depth on the student’s academic achievements and how she or he operates in the class environment. It paints a strong picture of who the student is and shows how well the teacher knows the student. This is a strong template to follow.

Printable Personal Letter of Recommendation for College

The final template works more as a guide but is still filled with useful information. The guidelines for what to include are solid, and the points on structure are also key. However, this isn’t as fully formed as the other templates. Be sure to keep that in mind if you choose to use this template.


Writing a recommendation letter requires a lot of work. You may have to balance personal and professional tone in order to sell the applicant properly. Or you may have to just focus on one area. Regardless, it’s important to go into this process fully prepared.

Make sure you understand what the applicant and the job need from you. Once you understand that, be sure to use the strong language and concrete terms we’ve discussed. Make sure your formatting is strong too. If your letter looks unprofessional, then a prospective employer won’t bother looking at the rest of the application.

Writing the proper recommendation letter takes time, precision, and focus. It’s a complicated process, but it’s not impossible. With these templates and the proper use of language, there’s no reason you can’t succeed. So when someone needs a recommendation letter from you, you’ll be fully prepared to help them get the job they’ve always wanted.

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