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10 Wedding Invitation Templates Samples

Wedding invitation letter
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Once upon a time, there was a traditional way to word a wedding invitation, starting with formal full names of parents and lots of antiquated jargon. Wedding invitations were all the same because most templates were about the same. However, brides of the modern age have the unique challenge of finding the perfect template that fits their level of formality, setting, and theme, since so many couples seek to personalize their experience. With so many ways to word a wedding invitation, which one is right for you? The following wedding invitation templates may help you decide which one will work for your needs and wants.

Why Are Wedding Invitation Templates So Important?

Wedding invitation card and a leaf with a wedding ring
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The wedding invitation you choose will inform your guests where and when the wedding will take place so they can decide if they are able to attend. The time of day will tell your guests whether the wedding is an evening affair, which is usually more formal, or a mid-morning or early afternoon wedding that is typically less formal. Also, your wedding invitation is the first glimpse into what guests should expect on your big day. The wedding invitation template you choose could include details like what to wear, whether the event will be indoor or outdoor, and what type of reception will follow the ceremony, if any.

Some brides and grooms choose to skip a wedding invitation, but experts say that it is best to send one to each guest you intend to invite. It will help you avoid undue confusion for your guests and help each guest feel welcome at your wedding. Plus, with all the valuable information provided in the wedding invitation in the form of verbiage, images, colors, and fonts, your guests won’t know what to expect without a wedding invitation. So, let’s review a few wedding invitation templates and enhance your guests’ experience.

How Do You Decide Which Invitation Is Best for Your Wedding?

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Wedding invitation templates help the bride make a personal choice, but it’s recommended that brides and grooms choose one that matches the theme, feel, and formality of their wedding. There are many factors to consider, such as the design, color, and verbiage to relay important details to your wedding guests.

Logos and Designs

A beach wedding invitation template might have visual indicators like a starfish or sand dollars whereas a traditional and formal indoor wedding might display a decorative scroll or be completely absent of whimsical elements. At times, a monogram letter may be used as a header image.

Invitation Colors

You might choose to include your wedding colors into the invitation to give your guests a sneak peek into your wedding day. Guests who would like to coordinate with your wedding colors will appreciate this mention of wedding colors.

The host of the Wedding

Couples who have the support of their parents or family often include their parents’ names in the invitation, whereas couples who are funding their wedding might choose to only include their own names.

Invitation Verbiage

The wording itself can also be a deciding factor when choosing a wedding invitation template. Wedding invitation templates that are very formal will use titles such as “Mr.” and “Mrs.” while a more modern wedding invitation template might skip these titles in lieu of first and last names. Middle names make invitations more formal.

Invitation Font

At times, the font you choose can set the tone of your wedding. A whimsical, handwritten-type of font could tell guests that the wedding is more modern and casual, whereas a script or calligraphy font could indicate that the wedding will be more formal. Wedding invitation templates often don’t indicate the font you should use, but most vendors will provide easy choices that you can view before ordering the actual invitations.

Wedding Attire

Usually, the invitation, verbiage, and other wedding invitation template elements will tell the guests how to dress for the occasion. However, if desired, brides and grooms can choose to add a line at the bottom of the invitation to indicate the attire. Here are some examples of wedding attire:

Black Tie indicates that men should wear a tuxedo and women should wear long, formal evening dresses. Some men might choose to wear a cumberbund and bow tie.

Black Tie Optional indicates that men should wear a tuxedo or a formal dark suit, and women should wear evening dresses that aren’t casual.

Cocktail Attire is not as formal as Black Tie, but guests should take care to dress to impress. At a minimum, men should wear a suit and tie, and ladies should wear a party dress or suit.

Beach Formal could be slightly more casual than cocktail attire although cocktail attire would be just fine for this type of wedding. This type of attire should indicate to guests that they should dress nicely, but consider elements such as the sun, sand, and temperature for that time of year.

Semi-formal or Casual doesn’t mean that guests should dress in jeans and tee shirts. Men should wear button-down shirts and pants, and women should wear sundresses, jumpsuits, or a nice blouse.

10 Wedding Invitation Templates Samples

Wedding invitation card templates on a light blue background
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Since the wedding invitation template you choose will give guests a lot of information about your wedding, you should carefully consider which one fits the unique nature of both your wedding and the reception that follows, if any. Keep in mind that you may change any of these wedding invitation templates to fit your individual style and taste.

Traditional Wedding Invitation Template: Hosted by Bride’s Parents

Traditional Wedding Invitation Template: Hosted by Bride’s Parents Honoring Groom’s Parents

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph John Adams
requests the honor of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter
Jane Marie Adams
Andrew Nicholas Smith
son of
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lawrence Smith
Saturday, the fifteenth of December
two thousand eighteen
at four o’clock
Anytown Best Country Club
Anytown, Pennsylvania

Traditional Wedding Invitation Template: Hosted by Groom’s Parents

Traditional Wedding Invitation Template: Hosted by Both Bride and Grooms’ Parents

Traditional Wedding Invitation Template: Hosted by the Bride and Groom

Modern Wedding Invitation Template: Hosted by Both Families

Modern Wedding Invitation Template: Hosted by Divorced Parents

Modern Wedding Invitation Template: Hosted by Bride and Groom

Casual Wedding Invitation Template: Hosted by Bride and Groom

Casual Wedding Invitation Template: Hosted by Both Families


Wedding invitation letters in white table
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There are so many wedding invitation templates to choose from. The one you ultimately choose should reflect the unique style of your wedding and relay the general formality and feel of your wedding. If any of these wedding invitation templates do not fit correctly with your wedding style, you should personalize it to your liking. Each wedding is different; you shouldn’t feel obligated to go with any template as-is. As long as your wedding invitation relays the correct information and tone you desire, you’ll be making the right choice.

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