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15 CV Template Samples

How you present yourself professionally is oneof the most critical skills you will ever learn. It can be the difference between getting the job you want and being rejected. Most jobs require you to craft an impressive resume, and there are tools like resume templates that can help you achieve this. However, certain jobs require more specific documents, and that can mean using a different tool – the CV template.

Don’t worry if you aren’t familiar with what a CV template is or how to use one. This guide is here to explain in depth what it is, whether your job requires it, and how to craft the best CV possible. We also present a list of template samples for you to look over and learn from. So, let’s get started.

What Is a CV?

The first question you likely have is, what does the CV in CV template mean? CV stands for curriculum vitae, and it is a comprehensive summary of your background, education, and experience. They are used primarily for getting academic positions in four-year educational institutions (although they can be used for any industry, as well). If you aren’t looking for a job in education, or one at that level, you probably won’t need one.

However, if you do need one, then just like a resume, a CV needs to be tailored appropriately. For example, if you are applying to a liberal arts position, then the CV should highlight your teaching. A more research based facility will need to see your research accomplishments. Above all, it needs to be right for the position you want, hence why CV templates (which function much like resume templates) exist.

Proper Format

Using a CV template is much like using a resume template. Both will convey vital information about your job history and convince an employer that you are right for the job. However, they also require the same level of care and craft. Formatting your CV template is key, so keep an eye out for these factors as you work.


Just like a resume, how your organize the CV template is vital. It should be easy for your potential employer to read and use to determine your skills.


There are many formats for you to choose from. When you have selected one, you must stick to it; an inconsistent CV template will lose you the job.

Drawing Attention

While you shouldn’t have multicolored text or graphics, it’s a good idea to use boldface, italics, and underlines to draw attention to your accomplishments. Be sure to use them carefully, without going overboard.

Listing In Reverse

Your CV template will operate in sections, and when you list relevant information, be sure to do so in reverse chronological order. This will show your most recent accomplishments first.

Top and/or Left

Where you place information is key in any application form. For a CV template, you should strategically place vital information clearly at the top or left or both. You should also place positions, titles, awards, or institutions on the left and corresponding dates on the right.
Use a Footer


A CV template will include more information than a standard resume, and as a result, will usually be much longer. Therefore, label each page with a footer containing your name and the page number. You don’t want to miss out on a job because a page was misplaced.

Be sure to describe your experiences, whether they be research, teaching, or something else. While it’s not a resume, a CV template’s purpose is still to convince an employer that you are right for the job. Therefore, give all the details you can for them to look over. Keep the language sharp too and avoid tired phrases like ‘responsibilities included’.

15 CV Template Samples

Now that you understand a CV template and how it works, you may feel ready to write one. That’s good, but don’t start just yet. As mentioned, a CV template will contain multiple sections, such as education, publications, relevant experiences, and honors, just name a few. It’s overwhelming to format all that properly, but we’ve collected fifteen CV template samples from Hloom.com to make your work easier, and to show you what to avoid.

Physics PHD Candidacy

This CV template is best for someone with strengths in publication and presentation. The font looks extremely stylized. This layout emphasizes important points and separate sections. As a result, the readability is high.

Neuroscience PHD Candidacy

This CV template works well, but also shows examples of what not to do. The Personal Statement section is prominently displayed but needs work. There are also too many bullet points and underlines. Be sure to watch out for these mistakes if you use this template.

Post-Doc Pharmacy

Due to its length, this is best for a research position. There is also some odd spacing on the third page. However, despite these problems this is still an excellent CV. Just remember not to use it for industry.

Biology PHD

This CV template shows how important it is to place information properly. The address on page 3 spread across the top of the page even though it’s not vital information. There are also grammatical errors and inconsistent formatting. All this makes an impressive candidate look less qualified.

Academic CV Research Associate – Medicinal Chemistry

This layout is typical of CV templates in the UK. However, there are still problems for people on both sides of the Atlantic. There are capitalization errors- and many examples of unrelated information. It also needs stronger action words.

Associate Professorship in Physics and Genomics

This is a strong example of a good CV. The candidate looks impressive, but there is one problem. There is no use of boldface or italics to make the information stand out. It is not the worst problem to have, but it is a flaw in this otherwise excellent CV template.

Politics and Communication Phd Candidate

This is a great example of an academic CV. While there is non-academic work listed, it relates to the author’s career direction. The layout is clear and clean though some boldfacing could have been useful. It also merges the interests and associations under the activities section.

Environmental Studies and Politics Academic

This is another strong example of the UK style. The layout is superlative and communicates everything well. There is one minor issue, however. There is a minor lack of parallelism in the verb-tenses, but it still a great example to use.

PHD in Literature

This example shows how to show all the right information. There’s also a strong focus on teaching experience. However, the sections are out of order. As a result, it does not present her strengths first.

PHD in Philosophy

Another strong example of a professional CV. It is lengthy at seven pages, but it’s clean and well organized. It also shows an important note about longer CVs. If your CV is long, be sure to utilize white spaces accordingly so it reads well.

PHD in Architecture

This template shows how use space well, as by the end of the first page, we know of his publications and Harvard degree. The author also shows knowledge of his strengths in instructions by putting his teaching and research accomplishments first. This doesn’t always work, but it does here. However boldfacing the dates of his Fellowships and Awards would have made this even better.

PHD in Music

In this template, the author emphasizes her teaching experience by putting her current position first. She also displays her graduate degree in education prominently in her education. This shows the importance of using reverse chronological order. It also makes her seem properly suited to the job of a graduate level music instructor.

American History

This template makes sure the qualifications are obvious at first glance. It also uses semicolons and line placements to make sure the reader sees her research interests on the first page, instead of the second. There is also strategic use of boldface to highlight important information. Finally, it also includes a language section, which shows the author’s skill in an area that’s vital to her field.

Psychology Student

The use of space in this template is excellent, lining up the dates and using the descriptions to draw the reader’s eye across sections. The descriptions could be more specific, but the framing is worth noting.  It also uses citations in the References section and even uses the APA style used in psychology. With stronger descriptions, this would be a near perfect CV.

Undergraduate Math and Physics

This template is a strong choice for someone looking for industry work without much research experience. There are, however, issues with the layout, and it fails to put the applicant’s personal information at the forefront. Readability is key for a shorter CV like this. However, some edits on the aforementioned problems and the ‘Academic and Related Professional Experience’ section would make it much stronger.


Writing a CV is a lengthy process, even more than writing a resume. This will arguably be the most in-depth presentation of your professional life you will ever make. However, these templates will aid you in this long process. So find what works best for you and best of luck as you apply!

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