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12 Award Certificate Template Examples

Get ready to enjoy some of the best award certificate template examples found online! Merit always deserves recognition; one of the best ways to reward someone’s efforts is to give them an award certificate. All of the award certificate template examples we will present can be customized according to your necessities. Thus, whether you want to print out an award certificate for your supervisor or best friend, they will help you convey the message.

1. Certificate Template

Two vintage award certificates with stylized borders.

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We’ll start with simple and stylish award certificate template for students and employees. The name of the employee or student to whom this award is granted can either be written by hand or printed. In addition, the background is a light beige, and it contains a vintage-like border. This simple and elegant certificate template costs $5.

2. Multipurpose Certificate

Black and Orange certificate of achievement with logo and ribbon.

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Furthermore, this type of certificate can be customized to suit any type of occasion. So, whether you want to make an employee of the month certificate or a diploma for outstanding merits, this multi-purpose certificate will help you achieve these goals. This award certificate template features a red, white, dark, and orange background, and more than ample space for you to enumerate the employee’s merits. The Multipurpose certificate template costs $6.

3. Vintage Award Certificate Template

Vintage-style award certficate.

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Alternatively, this vintage award certificate features a light beige background and various eye pleasing geometric shapes. It also has a golden border in the form of fleur de lis, and ample space where you can write the purpose of this certificate award. Of course, this certificate can be customized, as to suit any type of occasion. This template costs $7.

4. Simple Award Certificate Template

simple award certificate template screenshot


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Here is a fine example of how simple is better. This award certificate template features a simple black border, with a clean white background. It also has a banner for the company’s name, as well as a black seal. You can easily customize this simple award certificate template by using a photo editor and it costs only $6.

5. Vector Certificate Template

Vector style award certificate with red ribbon and seal.

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If you prefer something more modern over a vintage award certificate, then the Vector Certificate template is your best choice. The design is minimalistic featuring a Premium Quality seal and a bright red ribbon where you can print out the company’s logo. In addition, you can choose to print out the name of the certificate’s holder or write it by hand. This simplistic vector certificate template costs $6.

6. Diploma Award Certificate

Neon Green and Blue Award Certificate

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This is the type of award certificate often used for students. The light green background also reminds of the iconic dollar bill. It’s a simple and easy way to acknowledge someone’s merits, without complicating the design. This simple award certificate template costs only $5, and it can be customized as to include the name of the institution, the certificate’s holder name, and the signature of the person who has issued the diploma.

7. Vintage Style Certificate

Vintage gold diploma with fleur-de-lis motif.

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This vintage style certificate template might remind you of those old diplomas for merits which used the adorn the office of a doctor or a lawyer during the ‘30s. It has a simplistic design that features a golden double border filled with geometric motifs and a floral motif surrounded by two signature spaces. This vintage style diploma will cost you $5 and can you can edit it at will.

8. Blue Certificate Template

Double-bordered certificate of appreciation.

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Here we have another simple award certificate template which features a double border. In addition, the exterior border has a dark blue coloring, while the interior one is light blue. Also, the certificate’s name is written using gothic characters and the name of the diploma’s holder is written inside a ribbon, which has the same color as the interior border. This blue award certificate template costs $6, and you can customize the colors according to your preferences.

9. Multipurpose Certificate

Black, yellow, and white certificate of accomplishment with seal.

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This multi-purpose certificate is a spin-off after the first multi-purpose certificate we have presented in this article. The certificate has a white background, features a black and yellow ribbon that twists in the middle to accommodate a seal. Additionally, the title of the certificate is written in Gothic characters, and the name of the holder is written using handwritten type font. This multi-purpose certificate costs $6, and you can customize it as you please.

10. Certificate of Accomplishment Template

Pink and purple certificate of accomplishment diploma with golden seal.

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We’ll continue with a simple, yet very stylish certificate of accomplishment that features a pink and purple background. The gold seal in the bottom left corner makes the certificate even more attractive. You can use the Old English font to write the name of the company and the name of the holder. This certificate of accomplishment can be bought for $6, and you can customize it even further.

11. Long Service Award Certificate Template

11. Long Service Award Certificate Template
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Nowadays, it’s natural for companies to show their appreciation for loyal employees. If you have a team member that has been dedicated to the company for a number of years, offer them an award. They can enjoy a permanent reminder of their commitment through the long service award certificate template we have provided above. You can download the template for free in Word or PDF format.

12. Award Certificate Template for Children

12. Award Certificate Template for Children
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Finally, we have a festive award certificate format designed specifically for children. We believe the template is wonderful for teachers who want to remind students of how special they are. The design works for academic achievements, as well as accomplishments related to attendance, creativity, etc. Also, ensure that you date and sign the award certificate beforehand to make it official. Likewise, both the Word and PDF versions of the template are free for download.


In conclusion, we know that social recognition is an inherent trait. Therefore, these award certificate template examples will help you convey the message more with clarity. We warmly recommend any of the templates above, whether you choose a complex design or a simple format.  If you want to offer a present to somebody in the form of a certificate, we encourage you to also check our gift certificate template designs out.

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