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7 Business Letter Format Examples

This guide will walk you through some of the most frequently used business letter format templates. Each template also contains samples of business letter writing so you can get familiar with the formal tone needed for such letters. Read more about the types of business letter you can use and download the template of your choice in PDF for free.

1. Block Business Letter Format

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This is a basic business letter example used for formal inquiries. It is typically addressed from one company to another, through two representatives. The complete street address is required for both the sender and the recipient. Moreover, the purpose of the formal business letter needs to be clearly stated in the body text.

2. Standard Business Letter Format

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This is a business letter format example for a comprehensive proposal. For instance, you can be use it when aiming to collaborate with another company for extended services. It is usually paired with one or more enclosures, marked at the end of the business letter with encl.

3. Cover Letter Proper Business Letter Format

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This is a business letter example for students who want to apply for a serious career opportunity. In essence, it is a cover letter that is comes with  the candidate’s resume and highlights the strong points of the application. It works as an introduction for the employer to get to know the candidate better prior to interviewing them.

4. Follow-up Business Letter Format Template

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This specific format is ideal for sending a formal thank you note or a follow-up letter after a meeting. It is appropriate for business partnerships, job applications and other situations where you want to say thank you to a guest or a host.

5. Business Letter Format with Letterhead

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Another useful business letter format is one that contains a letterhead. This is particularly relevant for company-to-company communication, when two organizations do business together. It also contains several elements that resemble email communication (i.e. subject, reference, etc.) to sum up the purpose of the letter beforehand.

6. Sample Business Letter Format

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If you would like to request information from a company, your business letter can mix a formal tone with a semi informal format. This is useful for individuals who aren’t writing on behalf of a specific business and simply want to know more about services or products a company offers.

7. Custom Formal Business Letter Format

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The final business letter format you can use is a custom approach to the traditional template. In other words, it means that you can use the colors of your company’s logo for personalized stationery (i.e. navy and grey, like in the sample provided).


To conclude, there are plenty of business letter format templates to choose from. After you choose the most appropriate template for your communication, make sure you adopt the proper formal tone required. Maintain a professional approach from beginning to end and pay close attention to details about the company you are addressing the letter to.

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