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10 Business Letter Template Samples

Most people have had to write a formal business letter some time in their lives, whether it is to apply for a job, generate more business, or issue a complaint. A business letter is a norm in business to communicate effectively and professionally. If you do not write a good business letter or do not use the proper format, you can give a bad impression and the recipient will consider you to be unprofessional. Using a business letter template helps to assure you are following the proper format and structure of a professional business letter.

Professionally business letters have many uses: to thank the recipient, land a new job position, or generate and follow up on new business leads. When applying for a job good business letter can set you apart from other applicants. A business or cover letter is an opportunity to introduce yourself and talk about your experience and why you are a good fit for the position, or it can be a way to communicate about a product or service. 

Regardless of the purpose of the letter, crafting a well written and professional business letter is key to achieving your goal. A business letter should be professional in tone, yet friendly enough to hook a connect with the reader. Below we give you tips on how to write a business letter and show you ten business template samples to meet your needs. Whether you are applying to a new job, promoting your products and services, or issuing a complaint, a business letter template will make your job of writing the letter easier.

How to Write a Business Letter

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Once you have chosen the best business letter template for your needs, follow the template to make sure you are using the proper format, language and tone for the letter. Below we provide detailed information about format, language and tone.

Start the letter by including your contact information on the top, name, address, phone number, and email address. Also, you should write your position title and company if applicable. Next, enter the date and the recipient’s contact information followed by a greeting such as “Dear Mr. or Mrs. Anderson”, or the person’s title “Dear Director of Operations” using the person’s name is more personal.   Write a good first paragraph to state the purpose of the letter. Write concisely yet provide enough information to hook and keep the reader’s interest. Choose your words carefully and write a quick overview of the key points of your letter. Write the specific key points in the following paragraphs.    

Be cordial, professional and close the letter using best, regards, sincerely or another closing word of your choosing, leaving a few blank lines for your signature.

Format, Tone, & More

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Business Letter Format

Business letters should adhere to the following format:

  • One-inch margins for top, bottom, and sides
  • Easy to read and common fonts such as Arial, Times or Helvetica
  • No indentation of paragraphs; use block paragraph instead by hitting return two times before each new paragraph
  • US letter size, or 8.5 X 11, for printing or exporting your letter
  • Printed preferred: a lot of business letters are sent through email, but printed letters are still used and preferred by many

Use the Right Tone

Having the right tone for your letter is crucial, as the wrong tone can turn off the reader, and being too casual or using slang words will make you look unprofessional. 

  • The tone should be professional and persuasive
  • Use a business letter template but always align the letter content with the reader and/or purpose of the letter
  • Write concisely and make sure you are stating the purpose of the letter clearly
  • Write briefly: business leaders and people have limited time to read through business letters
  • Use the active voice to better engage the reader
  • Conclude the letter with a call to action if applicable


Craft the letter by using appropriate language. For example, if you are writing to a tech company, use technical terminology.

10 Business Letter Template Samples

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Business letter templates can be found in many places. Consider which of these types of letters you need to write, and then it will be easy to get the template you need.

Business Cover Letter

When applying for a job it is important and often required to write a cover letter. This is a good opportunity to introduce yourself and highlight your experience and accomplishments. Pick the most relevant experience for the job position, write why you are a good fit for the job. Also, it is helpful to write about the company you are applying to and the opportunity to be a team member

Business Letter of Recommendation

A good letter of recommendation can make a big difference in someone applying for a job, college or graduate program, and seeking new business. Use this business letter template to craft an effective letter which portrays the person you are writing about sincerely, talking about her/his accomplishments and why she/he deserves the opportunity she/he seeks.

Business Thank You Letter

Acknowledging the reader by sending a thank you letter is good to establish a professional relationship. It is also great for business as it is s a common business letter and a good gesture. The tone of the thank you letter should be friendly and professional.

Business Donation Letter

This letter is used to seek donations, it can be sent by itself or attached to a proposal. The tone of the letter should be persuasive and the request for donation stated precisely. Include what you or your organization will use the funds for and why is important for the reader to contribute to the cause with a donation.

Business Offer or Sales Letter

This business letter is a great tool for companies to offer their products or services to their clients. It can be accompanied by a catalog or include a link for more information about the product or service.

Introduction Letter for a New Business

Writing a letter to describe your new business and its attributes is a challenge, but necessary for a good introduction, promoting your business and to get new clients or accounts.

Business Letter Request

This business letter is a formal way to make a request or place an order. Be specific and state your request clearly. It will save the receiver time and they will be more inclined to fulfill your request timely.

Complaint Letter

This is a way to voice your disappointment for poor customer service or a bad experience with the product or service. Keep it cordial and professional and tell them clearly how do you expect for them to address the situation. Your complaint will be heard and can even help the company to provide better service.

Letter of Inquiry

When you are seeking information about a specific subject, you may have to write a letter of inquiry. For example, if you are writing a research paper, you may need to have access to public archives and the only way to get it is by writing a letter of request. Keep the letter brief and make your request specific. Thank the receiver in advance for their help and consideration.

Follow-Up Letter

A follow-up letter is useful to make sure the person you addressed the letter to received it. Also, a follow-up letter will gently press and remind the recipient to take the required action or decide about your initial request. Follow-up letter used after a letter of request, a letter of inquiry, sales or new business letters.


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In any business field, you may have to write different business letters. Your job may require for you to communicate effectively the needs of the company, generate sales, introduce the company, new products, and services and make requests to vendors. Though business letters are the norm and have a basic format, it is important to adjust the template according to the needs and personality of the recipient.

Some letters can be more friendly or familiar, even humorous, while others may require a more serious or somber tone.  It depends on the audience you are writing the letter for, the purpose of the letter and the industry. For example, if you are writing to a creative company, you may want to be more casual and tell a good story that captures and holds the reader’s attention.

The above business template letter samples will guide you in writing the proper letter for your audience and to do it efficiently. Even if you are a good writer, chances are that you don’t know the proper format and tone of a business letter.

Many people find it difficult and time-consuming to write a business letter. Don’t waste time trying to come up with the right style for the business letter: use a business letter template to help you craft a letter with the proper format and tone. A good business letter template will help you better communicate the subject to your reader. Choose the template that best serves your needs and get to writing.

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