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Top 10 Coupon Template

If you are running a small business, you may be hesitant to offer coupon codes as they directly affect your bottom line. If you are a large, well-established brand losing a few bucks here and there may not matte; but when you are just starting out, every nickel and dime counts. But it turns out there area number of positives you can experience by adding a coupon template to your online store.

All about Online Coupons

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While it is no secret that adding a coupon template to your site will cost you money, it is important to look at the potential benefits.



Coupons can help drive traffic to your website. When new customers are there, they may add some non-discounted products into their cart.



Coupons can help introduce new customers to your store. This is especially helpful when you require an email address of social media connection in order to receive the deal. This will help you begin a long-term communication with new customers to hopefully keep them engaged and coming back long as their coupon has expired.



Coupons can help you connect with customers who have not returned in some time. This is why keeping a good marketing database is beneficial as you can easily figure out which customers have not made a purchase in the last 60 days. You can then send out a targeted coupon just to those customers.


What Types of Coupons to Offer

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Once you have decided you want to start offering online coupons, you will need to determine which types you want to offer. While the possibilities are infinite in what you can offer, below are the four most common types:

  • Cart discount – This coupon gives your customers a fixed discount on their whole order, such as $10 off.
  • Cart % discount – This coupon gives your customers a percentage off their total order. The most common option is a 10% discount.
  • Product discount – This coupon gives your customers a fixed price amount off a specific product.
  • Product % discount – This coupon gives your customers a certain percentage off a specific product.

Where You Can Market Your Coupons

Once you have decided to add a coupon template to your website, you will also need to figure out how to get the word out. There are a few websites where you can add your coupons so they can be easily found by your customers. The most popular options are:

  • Retailmenot

When to Use Coupons

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While you don’t always need a reason to add a coupon template to your website, there are some specific occasions where it is the most helpful.

If You Have Inventory That Won’t Move

If you have a surplus of items that are not selling, offering a discount through a coupon code may be helpful.

In this situation, you can either offer a coupon code specifically for the inventory you need to move, or if you just want the products out of your warehouse, you can offer the items as a free gift. An example of this would be “spend $100 or more and receive a free pair of holiday socks.”

If You Want to Show Customer Appreciation

Loyal customers are what make your business succeed as it costs much more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an old one.

In order to keep your loyal customers engaged, consider sending out a coupon code via email periodically just to thank them for supporting you.

Reward New Customers

For those customers who you have not built loyalty with just yet, a coupon code can go a long way. A nice way to do this is to offer them a discount when they are least expecting it. At checkout when they are about to make their first order, you can program a coupon to pop up with a free shipping code. A surprise deal can help you retail lifelong customers.

Top 10 Coupon Templates

Now that you are ready to start using coupons with your online business, you will need to figure out how to do this. The following are the best coupon template websites available.


Adobe Spark

This free tool offers coupon templates with unique designs and typography, which allows you to get the professional look you need. Each coupon is customizable so you can create the right deal for your business. The tool is simple to use. Once you get the basics down, even those without graphic design experience can design their perfect coupon.

There are 5 steps to creating the perfect coupon on Adobe Spark:

    1. Pick the coupon size and shape
    2. Choose a theme
    3. Personalize the coupon with your brand and images
    4. Add engaging text
    5. Download, share and print

Adobe Spark is available here:



Canva is a site that allows you to create beautifully designed coupons to entice new and existing customers. Canva is especially helpful for small businesses and startups as they can benefit most from coupons used as a marketing tactic.

The designs on the Canva site were created for those with little to no design training. The coupon templates are professionally made and ready for users of all experience levels

You can design your perfect coupon on Canva in 5 easy steps:

    1. Create a new Canva account
    2. Choose a professionally created templates
    3. Upload your own photos or choose from millions of stock images
    4. Edit your photos and text
    5. Save the coupon and share it

Canva can be accessed here

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SENDaCOUPON allows you to make your own coupon and send them out. Using the tools on the site, you can create a custom coupon for free.

There is also a membership subscription option which allows you to add custom graphics, send coupons via Twitter, create mass mail campaigns using MailChimp, and save your custom coupon to your Dropbox account.

SENDaCOUPON is available here


Venngage Coupon Maker

Venngage allows you to choose from many easy-to-use coupon templates and create a unique coupon in just a few clicks. They design their coupon templates so anyone can use them; not just those trained in graphic design. With a collection of icons, images and templates, you can create the right coupon for your brand.

Venngage allows you to create a custom coupon in 5 quick steps.

    1. Join Venngage
    2. Pick a coupon template
    3. Add text, dates and any other information you think is needed
    4. Enhance your coupon with unique icons, fonts and photos
    5. Download your coupon

CVenngage can be found at



WoodBox allows you to make a coupon that can be used for retail, e-commerce and in-game digital key codes. This site only allows you to create one coupon per person.

The site allows you to email or deliver your coupon to your customers an instant.

WoodBox can be accessed at



PosterMyWall offers users more than 160 downloadable and customizable coupons.

PosterMyWall is found at



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This site has more than 24 blank coupon templates. Each template is available in PSD, Word, ESP and JPEG.

The coupon templates can be found at



screenshot from Templatelab

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TemplateLab is a site that offers users more than 50 free downloadable and fillable coupon templates.

TemplateLab is available at



Couponler advertises on their site that they are the easiest coupon maker for your business. You can create and distribute a custom coupon in just three easy steps:

    1. Create your offer
    2. Publish your coupon
    3. Track new business

Couponler can be accessed at


Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a site that helps you email coupons to promote your business, which can help you drive more sales, reward regulars and get new customers.

In less than 10 minutes, you are able to create a coupon, add your logo and branding and hit send.

In addition to simply creating coupons, Constant Contact allows members to:

    • Post your coupon on Facebook and Twitter
    • Use your coupon to request more email addresses
    • Track who is interested in your coupon, who has claimed it and who has shared it

Unlike most of the other coupon templates on this list, Constant Contact requires you to be a member to access their services. New users can get a free 60-day trail to ensure they like the service before signing up. If you prepay six or 12 months, you can save up to 15%. Nonprofit organizations can prepay and save up to 30%.

Additional information can be found at


Using digital coupons can help grow your business by gaining new customers and keeping your old ones. While it may seem daunting to create a coupon from scratch, we have provided you with 10 websites that offer coupon templates. Many of these sites provide free, high-quality and professionally designed materials that will impress even the most discerning customers.

Several of these websites also offer email marketing services. While these services do cost money, they are worth it. They can help your coupons reach an even wider audience. They also allow you to track how well your coupons are performing. This data is helpful when deciding if the loss in revenue is worth it.

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