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All the content written and published on TemplatesAssistant.com is original content. Our team shares this content with the best intentions. Our shared content is designed for the purpose of general information. Our intention is to aid all our readers be aware and stay up to date with templates and documents.

We constantly strive to always offer the most recent and accurate information in regards to how to create documents that fit a certain archetype. Templates Assistant intend to be part of a community genuinely interested and passionate in the different structures of document types.

Nevertheless, our team does not have any actual authority in the area. While we take extensive efforts to research each type of document, we cannot guarantee that the content we post is flawlessly accurate. We are a team of passionate writers who want to create a community where document templates and template tutorials are readily available.

However, we are still human and are prone to limitations. While we promise to maintain an objective and professional approach, our opinions may vary from yours.

Our disclaimer is as follows: the Templates Assistant team cannot guarantee 100% accuracy on all the information provided in our articles. Our domain, TemplatesAssistant.com, as well as all our team members cannot be considered liable in case any information present within the website is inaccurate or in case issues occur while applying this information elsewhere.

We presently do not believe cases of misinformation or misapplication will happen. We strive to create solid and accurate content because we do not want any such issues to ever happen.

Additionally, we would also like to establish as part of this Disclaimer that the TemplatesAssistant.com website may employ the use of Ads by Google. However, this fact will not influence the amount of content or the direction in which we will be going with the site. Our content will be based on honesty, heavy research, and survey data. Our articles will never stem forth from other outside factors, such as financial benefits.

The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy sections on our website cover at depth our reserved obligations and rights, as well as the obligations and rights of all our visitors. We recommend all interested parties to read both sections.

If you would like to contact us, feel free to do so at info@templatesassistant.com or on any of the social media outlets currently dedicated to Templates Assistant.

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