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8 Doctors Note Samples for Appointments, Work or School

If you are a physician or similar type of medical professional, you will most likely be issuing a doctors note at one point. Patients usually require such a note for school, work, physical activities and other situations of the kind. If you’re not quite sure where to start for the format of your note, here are some popular templates you can work on and customize. Check them out below and download a doctors note PDF or Word template, as preferred.

1. Doctors Note Template

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This is one of the most common doctor note templates, complete with a written example. Make sure that you supply all necessary details regarding the patient. Moreover, include your comments in detail, as well as the days off required for the patient to recover.

2. Doctors Note for School

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In most cases, a doctors excuse note for school shouldn’t be very complicated. Depending on the requirements of the school, you can either keep the doctors note concise or go into detail. Mention when the patient can resume school activity.

3. Doctors Note for Work

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Likewise, doctor notes for missing work can be brief or extended. If your patient requires a basic excuse slip, you can use the format from this template. However, provide any comprehensive information if their employer requires them to. Ensure that you clarify the period needed for rest.

4. Urgent Care Doctors Note

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Some health issues require immediate medical attention. The patient is usually caught off guard with a contagious or non-contagious illness. On the other hand, they might have suffered a severe physical injury that needs to be treated. The urgency of the matter should be clearly stated at the beginning of the note.

5. Doctor’s Excuse Note

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Students or employees often need an excuse note that describes their health problem in detail. For this type of doctors note, provide a section that specifically expands on the patient’s situation. Include diagnosis, symptoms, restrictions, prescription and any other useful information for the employer or school.

6. Blank Doctor Note for Appointment

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If you want to start from scratch, here is a free fill in the blank doctors note you can build up on. We recommend that you tailor this format to your medical clinic, including any logos or necessary contact information. You can provide any additional notes in the designated box section of this printable doctors note template.

7. Alternative Doctor Note for Work

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The second to last real doctors note on our list shows how you can customize the doctors note even more. In order to ensure authenticity, use the medical clinic or hospital’s official header. Additionally, this doctors note sample includes patient records, like age, height or weight, among other aspects. If you need inspiration for the header format, feel free to look over our personal letterhead templates for some ideas.

8. Landscape Doctors Note for Work Absence

8. Landscape Doctors Note for Work Absence
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Finally, we have the ideal template if you want a doctors note that follows a landscape format. The template includes all the information you need to provide about your patient’s condition, from diagnosis to restrictions, to rest period. Basically, the main difference in this editable sample is the format.


In conclusion, it is best to choose a doctors note that reflects the policy of the hospital or medical clinic you are practicing at. If it is not your duty to prepare the format of the note, make sure you verify your template with the professionals entitled to do so. Finally, you should always include the official stamp of the specialist or institution prior to giving the doctors note to a patient.

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