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7 Exclusivity Agreement Examples

According to the official definition, an exclusivity agreement is a contract drafted between one or more parties, in which the said parties agree to buy merchandise only from the seller specified in the aforementioned document. However, you can use an exclusivity agreement in other situations as well, such as candidacy through recruitment agencies. But how do you know what exclusivity agreement format is right for your case?

Because we are aware of just how difficult it is to draft such an important document, we wish to help ease the process by bringing you the best exclusivity agreement templates found on the internet. We will show you some online apps that are capable of creating such documents based on the data entered by the user. Without further ado, here are the best exclusivity agreement examples and where you can download them.

1.  Simple Exclusivity Agreement Template between Destination Maternity Corporation and a Vendor

5 Exclusivity Agreement Examples

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Here is a simple exclusivity agreement template, drafted between Destination Maternity Corporation (Buyer) and an affiliated vendor. Seven major parts are in the contract, each of them detailing the commercial rapport between the beneficiary and the vendor. Note that this type of exclusivity agreement template must be signed by both Vendor and Buyer. Both parties must supply the company’s name, a personal name, and the title.

2. Confidentiality and Exclusivity Agreement Contract

5 Exclusivity Agreement Examples

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As opposed to the exclusivity agreement contract above, this one is more detailed. To be specific, while the simple exclusivity agreement features only seven sections which detail the nature of the rapport between buyer and vendor, this form contains no less than 20 that can cover any possible circumstance. Note that both parties must sign and date this exclusivity contract agreement for it to become valid. Moreover, the contract must also contain an official address.

3. Confidentiality Agreement Template

5 Exclusivity Agreement Examples

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This template is very similar to the second template we have presented in the article. However, for this exclusivity agreement contract to become valid, it must be signed in the presence of a broker, who works in the interest of both parties. The main purpose of this particular exclusivity agreement template is to ensure confidentiality between the Seller Party and Interested Party.

4. Simple Exclusivity Agreement for Submittal

5 Exclusivity Agreement Examples

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This exclusivity agreement example features an agreement between Performix Business Services LLC, also called the Vendor, and Mayo Clinic, herein called the beneficiary. The Vendor must fill its complete name in the upper part of the Agreement Form, the date of submittal, and the candidate’s signature. As for the second party, which in this case is Mayo Clinic, its representative must sign the exclusivity agreement contract at the bottom of the page.

5. Exclusive Distribution Agreement Template

5 Exclusivity Agreement Examples

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If you want a fill-in-the-blanks format, consider this comprehensive exclusive agreement contract. This exclusive distribution agreement form covers almost any type of situation and enumerates all known clauses that can be added to such a contract. For this exclusivity agreement template to become a valid contract, all fields must be filled in correctly, and both parties have to sign it at the bottom of the last page.

6. Exclusive Supply Agreement Template

6. Exclusive Supply Agreement Template PDF
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Alternatively, you can use the agreement template above for ensuring supply exclusivity. A supplier and distributor, each with their own representative, have to date and sign the contract. In this agreement, you can find eight sections, ranging from approvals and use of trademarks to warranties and more.

7. Candidate Exclusivity Agreement Template

7. Candidate Exclusivity Agreement Template PDF
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Last but not least, we have an agreement template for candidate exclusivity. Recruiting agencies typically use this type of document when working with clients. Through the agreement, the agency ensures that a candidate works solely with their company when searching for a job.

Tips & Tricks for the Best Exclusivity Agreement

Getting an exclusivity agreement is the easiest part of the entire process. Probably the most difficult aspect is to make sure that the documents you’ve just download are the right ones. In order to help you in this matter, we have prepared a short list of tips and tricks that are sure to make the process seem like a breeze.

  • If you don’t know what type of contract you should download, ask a professional for assistance.
  • Before printing the document, make sure to eliminate all brackets.
  • Consult with the other party on what type of document you’ll need in order to seal the deal.
  • If you’re using an online exclusivity agreement generator, keep all the essential information nearby. Additionally, check that you have correctly filled in all the field.
  • When downloading an exclusivity agreement template online, ensure that you can reuse it. Some of the forms we have presented throughout our article have been drafted for a specific occasion. In other words, not all the clauses enumerated by such a contract may be compatible with your business needs.
  • After printing and signing the exclusivity agreement contract, don’t forget to print out extra copies for all parties. In fact, some of these contracts specify that each party is entitled to a copy of the exclusivity agreement contract. All participants should sign every copy.


To conclude, you now know more about the most popular types of exclusive agreements and where you can download them. Whether you choose to follow an exclusivity agreement example or customize a fillable template, we recommend checking the final draft with your lawyer. You can also look into our partnership agreement templates in case you need one. If you have any additional questions about exclusivity agreement templates, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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