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10 Contractor Invoice Template Samples

It’s not easy being a freelancer. Your A-Game is constantly required as your clients expect high quality of work; at the same time, you have to handle a plethora of complicated tasks that help you manage your business. Starting with client discovery and ending with getting paid – everything is a chore you have to deal with on your own. This last point is where this article is meant to help you, with a list of free contractor invoice template samples  that will allow you to bill your hours in style; whether it’s an electrical contractor invoice template or an independent contractor invoice template that you’re looking for, we have your back.

The Basic Invoice Template

The staple of invoice templates will always resume to the following simple categories:

  • Details about the individual or company for whom the work is being billed
  • ID data about the invoice file itself such as number, date, and order
  • A detailed listing of performed operations or work orders along with their individual billing.
  • Additional notes, are by default optional. Contractors will often use the box to give any information they believe is relevant to the invoice

Contractor Invoice Template Basic Form

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Elements of the Contractor Invoice Template

Due to the diversity of trade, the skill and equipment required varies too much. Contractor invoices will usually have the same categories in the billing table, such as parts or materials bought, rented and/or used, as well as miscellaneous other expenses or requirements.

While some invoices will appear to be very simple and linear, other contractors will go into heavy detail.

Smart contractors will take the necessary time to make sure their billing table covers all the necessary aspects without being too overwhelming for clients.

Elements of the Contractor Invoice Template - Business Custom Printable Form

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The General Contractor Invoice Template

A general contractor invoice template will always include the logo of the company. Businesses who specialize over multiple fields will usually also have logos for their individual services featured on the invoice.

Most business-driven contractor invoice templates have most of their categories automatically filled in by software or manually over a computer. However, even heavily automated contractors choose to stick to the invoice layout most people are accustomed to.

The General Contractor Invoice Template Form

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A Free Contractor Invoice Template

Current trends have free contractors perform trial run in chosen markets. Free contractors transition into independence over time. Other are just starting out. A modest free contractor invoice suggests a commitment to the craft. The slight addition of color to an invoice helps suggest creativity and imagination.

Free Contractor invoices rarely have a company logo branded onto them.

A Free Contractor Invoice Template Form

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The Independent Contractor Invoice Template

Independent contractors have tried the waters and braced the storms. Independent contractors and freelancers will sometimes even have a logo and in some outlandish cases even a coat of arms depending on the region and trade.

As independent contractors are usually a small team or even a single person, the invoices can be themed with their work. This shows an unbound passion towards the craft. Common cases are based on easy to read and minimalist layouts.

The Independent Contractor Invoice Template Form

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Electrical Contractor Invoice Template

The electrical contractor specializes in a particular craft. As such, electrical contractors are rarely faced with situations which cannot be dealt with by the tools they have on hand. A specialized invoice template will most commonly bill clients for the intervention, diagnosis, and application of trade skills.

Optionally, they may aid their clients in acquiring or replacing items or objects.

With easy to determine preset categories, an electrical contractor invoice template can have each billing category as a separate block.

Electrical Contractor Invoice Template Form

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Auto Repair Invoice Template

This form is specialized to one area of trade skills. An auto repair invoice template can include multiple categories in their billing table. A new trending practice splits billing in several different invoices. Contractors working in auto repair are required to perform a diagnosis which requires heavy detail in billing. Apart from this, in most cases they will have to order new parts, replace existing parts or perform miscellaneous operations.

In such cases, having multiple invoices is often beneficial for the client. Color coded invoices are helpful for contractors and clients alike. Keeping track of different invoices with color code is easy.

Auto Repair Invoice Template Form

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Invoice Template for Service Providers

Contractors who offer a service will usually require a monthly subscription. The invoice template for service providers often has a matching envelope with the invoice itself. Both will feature the contractor’s logo.

Invoices do not feature numerous details. The provided service is agreed upon and signed beforehand, these The billing table is minimal by default. It is expandable on individual user request.

Invoice Template for Service Providers Form

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Invoice Template With Hours and Rates

Contractors who charge by the hour usually have different rates based on the time of day and weekday.

The general invoice template with hours and rates is best managed by a custom billing program or in Excel.

Long term projects will require a much taller billing table. Tables usually include the date and time. Special mentions of working at night, in the weekend, or on holidays are prevalent. Tables may include conditions which would cause for the rates to alter.

Invoice Template With Hours and Rates Form

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IT Contractor Invoice Template

A majority of free and independent IT Contractors use Microsoft Excel or similar spreadsheet programs to design their invoice. Exceptions do exist. Some IT contractors specialize in more exotic web design or coding.

The advantage of Excel-made invoice templates is that they are quite versatile. IT contractors change billing categories per client or even per invoice. The minimalistic design looks great in print as it is easy to read.

Apart from signatures and stamps, the Excel-made IT contractor invoice template will rarely include handwriting apart from signatures. Contractors state special notes and details before billing.

IT Contractor Invoice Template Form

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Photography and Imaging Contractor Invoice Template

It comes as no surprise that contractors who work in the fields of photography and visual design or manipulation use detailed and visually pleasing invoices. Such a contractor invoice template varies greatly in structure and definition. An invoice can be a genuine calling card for visual artists.

Photography and Imaging Contractor Invoice Template Form

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The contractor invoice template is versatile in its original design. Entirely different trade skills can use many templates showcased above. Contractors should always consider how much detail will go into their billing table.

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