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10 Funeral Program Template Samples

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When someone you love passes on, it is important to take on the funeral planning. However, for people who do not have the time or budget to accommodate the planning details (especially under emotional stress) a funeral program template can be useful. The helpful templates are also commonly called funeral pamphlets, booklets or obituary programs. These printed handouts are used during the memorial service to provide attendees with information on the guest of honor, the memorial service, obituary and funeral tributes, prayers, intentions, and special notes.

A funeral program template can be clean and simple or ultra-chic and everything in between. But it is recommended that you view a few different template styles before deciding on one. If you are technologically skilled, you may also be able to get online and find a generic template to work with or even develop a custom design yourself.

What Are the Different Funeral Program Styles?

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If you have a few style points in mind that you can use to inspire you, it may help in the selection process for a funeral program. Here are a few of the most popular styles of funeral home programs to choose from:

1. Tri-Fold

trifold funeral program sample
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This type of flyer can be used in a unique way to deliver essential information about the guest of honor. At the funeral service, the funeral program works like other forms as a fold-out. Using the space, you can utilize the design in order to include all the following information:

Page 1

This is the page that usually contains the traditional message of “In Loving Memory.” Use this space to include the name of the guest of honor at the funeral service as well as the birth and death date. You may also include the date of the service, plus any inspiring or helpful quotes that you feel fit inside the limited space of the first layer of the tri-fold template.

Page 2

The second page of the funeral program will usually feature information on the person’s life. It may also include details of how the person died, highlights of their life and important details about how they lived that may draw onlookers closer.

Page 3

This page contains only the service order.

Page 4

The last page of the program template will offer the family members a chance to express gratitude to the attendees.

2. Single-Page Flyer

This is one of the most common and easiest forms of a funeral program template to use. People who have access to a basic printer are able to use this simple online template. Just print out the single page in any orientation and choose from the simple design styles you find within the design program. You may decide that a clear, clean format is best. However, if you possess some word processing skills or graphic art ability, you may be able to create something really beautiful and unique.

3. Elegant Funeral Program

Funeral Bulletin
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For a theme that fits the personality of an elegant person, choose a sophisticated theme. This may include any range of contrasting color elements, specialized pallets or custom designs that suit the personality of the deceased.

4. Dark Card

When you attend a funeral you may expect to see the traditional color format of solid black with a contrast of either white, silver or gold. Often times, this can offer a soothing effect to funeral attendees as it works with the overall theme of a traditional service. Use card stock or any other style with a creative variation of your choice, including floral accents, scripts or additional eulogy details. This style works best for single page formats however, you can apply the dark theme to any style of funeral program template.

5. Themed

This can take hundreds of forms. Some examples of funeral program template themes include floral, nature, sports and religious. You may also choose from default template styles that you find online or in digital imaging software.

6. Bright Day

When you attend a funeral service, it is common for people to want to share the good times. Using a bright, colorful funeral program template is a great way to lift the spirits of the attendees while also adding a pop of light to dark times. Regardless of the colors you choose, the bright day theme can also incorporate aspects of other themes that appeal to your audience. Let the spirit of the guest of honor inspire you into something truly cheerful—like the sun.

7. Vintage

Certain audiences may find a classic style comforting. Use vintage themes in a range of designs accent the background color of your choice. Using this type of style also allows you to get creative with expressive font styles, layouts and color contrast.

8. Invitation

This type of style can take on many forms. Use a single page card stock, full-page printout, or other templates that suit your personal tastes. The invitation style may also include string, wax and glue closures.

9. Obituary

Using the full obituary is a great way to acknowledge the guest of honor. It is also an ideal way to utilize the space provided by a funeral program template.

10. Religious

By applying traditional images, songs and quotes to a funeral program template you can soothe tension and draw attendees together. Use any type of spiritual symbolism that fits your needs.

Is There a Need for Funeral Program Templates?

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During the funeral service, you will find that by preparing the attendees with a carefully designed funeral program template the service is smoother. Here is an overall template to help you understand how the funeral service should flow.

Begin the first page with this text, “In loving memory.” Use a photo here to create a balanced memorial theme on the cover of the funeral program. If you are using a one-page layout, be sure to use the center function to improve the overall flow of the text and image. Under the image, include the date of birth and the day of death for the guest of honor of the funeral (the deceased). Include a brief biography to honor the deceased.

Use anything that inspires your audience. Write a short service order in a clear format. Use any remaining space of the funeral program template to thank the attendees of the service. Here, you can also add special notes for family, friends and other beloved members of the congregation.

How to Choose the Appropriate Funeral Program Template

funeral bulletin

One of the most overlooked details about a funeral program template is the style theme. While looking at the format of the template you choose you can consider which type of memorial signature and photo works best. If you are printing the funeral program template at home, you may only be working with black and white as an option. If you are using color ink or use a color printer, you may want to consider more complex photo options. Here are a few of the most popular design themes for a funeral program template:

  • Sunrise/sunset
  • Falling rain or raindrops
  • A lake with trees
  • Crosses and rosaries
  • Personal photos
  • Any nature scene

How Can a Funeral Program Template Help Me?

While there are many reasons to use a funeral program template, you may wonder if it will be helpful to you. There are stresses and emotional demands that can feel like they are taking over after you lose someone you love. This is why using a funeral program template can help you. No matter how impressive your design or art skills are you can create a funeral program template that works for your needs. Choose from any of the top 7 formats and if they don’t work for you, there are literally hundreds of other options.

Regardless of the format you choose when creating a funeral program template, include these essential elements:

  • The full name of the deceased person
  • Dates of birth and death
  • Time, date and place of the funeral service
  • Name of the person officiating the service
  • Location of the funeral service
  • Full names of pallbearers
  • Name of the person delivering the eulogy
  • Titles of songs included in the service

Each funeral program template should include this type of information in the booklet so that any person who attends the funeral service can take the memories with them. Other optional information you can include in the funeral program template:

  • Pictures of the deceased person
  • A favorite quote
  • List of surviving family members
  • Biography notes
  • Favorite local charities of the deceased
  • Time and location of the funeral reception


Remember, no matter what you choose to do your best. Planning a funeral service can be difficult, but celebrating the life of the guest of honor should always take the top priority, as should gathering family and friends close to share the service of a funeral program. Use these 10 best funeral program template samples to help design a brochure, invitation or service program that not only helps attendees draw closer together but that also honors the deceased with an inspiring, loving celebration of their life.

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