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10 Gift Card Template Samples

If you are trying to grow your business, one of the best strategies you can use is to sell gift cards. There are many gift card options available, so you can tailor the gift card template you desire to meet the needs of your business.

Perhaps you are on the fence about selling gift cards and are unsure how they could increase your overall revenue and garner you new business. Well, keep reading, because we would like to offer compelling reasons your business should sell gift cards, the benefits of gift cards, and 10 excellent gift card template ideas you can draw from for your own unique design.

Why Your Business Should Sell Gift Cards

Increase Your Competitive Edge

Smaller businesses need to use every advantage they have to draw consumers, and gift cards are no exception. They will help you increase your competitive edge over national retailers.

When customers want to buy gifts, one choice they most often turn to are gift cards. They are convenient, come in fun and unique designs, and allow the recipient to select the item they desire most with the card.

When life gets busy and consumers are in a pinch, they are far more likely to run out and buy a gift card than take the time to choose out a specific product. If you have gift cards for sale in your store, listed on your website, and any other selling platforms, you can position your business as a strong contender against the competition.

Heighten Sales

Paper gift certificates are more and more becoming a thing of the past. They can pose a security issue for small businesses and are an outdated mode of merchandising.

Businesses who transition from paper certificates to actual gift cards heighten their sales by as much as 35% to 50%. Some businesses notice a jump in sales of 100% when selling plastic gift cards instead of paper gift certificates.

gift certificate
Image via pixabay.com

Garner New Business

One interesting reason you should sell gift cards is that consumers spend more money when shopping with gift cards than they otherwise would. In fact, a study by First Data found that 72% of customers shopping with gift cards spent above the value of the card when making their purchases. Customers purchased an additional item, selected the pricier version of the product they intended to purchase, or bought a product from a business they rarely frequented.

The same study also found that 11% of individuals who received gift cards had never visited the business previously. About 1/3 of consumers diverged from their normal purchasing behavior when redeeming their gift cards at the merchant’s location.

Form Customer Relationships

Selling gift cards with attractive designs can also help you form customer relationships. For instance, if you launch e-gift cards for your business, particularly reloadable ones, you can build relationships with both the individuals giving and receiving the gifts.

Consumers receiving the gift card will visit your store to redeem their card, see its balance, reload it, check for sales, etc. If you connect your gift cards to loyalty and rewards programs, customers will receive benefits every time they visit, make a purchase, and load up their card.

A person is holding a gift card
Image via unsplash.com

Lower Risk of Fraud

Gift cards are a great way to lower risk of fraud. Gift certificates can easily be duplicated. However, using gift cards rather than cash to give store credit for items turned without receipts fights fraud effectively without hurting your revenue.

Depending on your state, you may receive benefits from gift card proceeds that have not been redeemed. Be sure to speak with your accountant regarding any questions.

Enhance Your Brand

Another reason your business should sell gift cards is to enhance your brand. You can make the gift card template individual to your brand with the specialized business logo. This not only heightens the visibility of your business but brings in new customers.

Did you know more than 90% of consumers in the U.S. buy or receive gift cards each year? It cannot be emphasized enough what a powerful marketing medium the right gift card template can be to draw new customers, maintain relationships with current ones, and build on the loyalty of your consumer base.


Gift cards with branded, aesthetically appealing gift card templates greatly incentives consumers to buy your products. When an individual receives a gift card to be redeemed at your business, it makes them want to use it at your store location.

Studies show that over half of gift card consumers go to merchant locations more than once to redeem the full balance of their gift cards. Gift cards make the purchasing process easier than ever before and leave customers coming back for more.

Promotional Offerings

Consider choosing a gift card template to start promotional programs for your brand. For example, you could offer customers a free $15 gift card if they spend over a certain amount at your store. Promos are a great way to reward customers for loyal business while giving them another reason to keep shopping.

Benefits of Gift Cards

Revenue Growth

Whenever someone purchases one of your gift cards, either they or the recipient will be obliged to use it at your business. That, plus the fact that most customers spend at least 20% above the value of the gift card means serious revenue spikes for your business.

Additional Business Opportunities

You will open up additional business opportunities for your company by choosing the right gift card template. Case in point, if someone tells you about a new restaurant in town, you may think about it but not visit the location. However, if that person were to give you a gift card to the restaurant, you would be sure to visit.

The same principle applies to consumers. If someone receives a gift card for your business, it is almost certain they will come for a visit, look, and determine if they like what you offer. If your brand appeals to them, they will come back to your business again.


Branding is another huge benefit of consumer savvy gift card templates. Whenever a recipient of one of your gift cards looks in their wallet or bag and sees your brand logo, they will think of your business.

birthday gift card
Image via flickr.com

When it is time to go shopping, your store will be at the forefront of their mind. This is how you draw customers and keep them coming back for more.

Capitalize on the Holiday Rush

You know how the holiday rush can be, with customers running about for last minute gifts and essential items. Gift cards are the easy choice sure to please any recipient. So, if a consumer were to enter your business looking for a gift card and see none for sale, you will experience an instantaneous revenue drop.

Besides this, selling gift cards in visible locations like the front of your store has the power to increase gift card buys. The periods around the holidays are a huge revenue producing time for businesses everywhere. Capitalize on the holiday rush by choosing the right gift card template for your brand.

10 Gift Card Template Samples

starbucks gift template
Image via flickr.com

Solid and Bright Colors

The first gift card template you can choose is one using bright colors in solid forms, devoid of patterns. Bold hues like burgundy, red, and blue with an image of your product and brand logo will catch the eye of customers.

Sleek Photography

Sleek images as the background of your gift card template can also be an effective form of branding. For instance, if you run a hair salon, you could have an image of a woman with glowing, luxurious locks and your brand logo imprinted over the photo.

Check out an example here:

Contemporary Design

Clean, contemporary gift cards with sleek prints are another excellent gift card template choice. Elegant typography and imagery lend a hint of class to any gift card.

Check out an example here:

Edgy Logos

If edgy is your preference, consider a gift card template with funky logos, letters, and designs. Keep it black and white for a hint of art déco vibes or incorporate bright colors into the mix.

Eye Catching Product Photos

If you sell a particular product, you can make your gift card template bright and eye catching while including a photo of the specific item. For instance, if you run a frozen yogurt shop, your gift card could name your brand, contact information, social media profiles, and show a delicious cone or a cup of frozen yogurt with toppings.

Organic and Integrated

Organic backgrounds with integrated lines like dark wood make for a sleek, calming gift card template. If you run a business like a spa, this minimalist approach to branding is a subtle, yet effective promotion strategy.

Check out an example here:

Outdoor Landscapes

Depending on your business, gift card templates featuring outdoor landscapes and photos may be appropriate. Choose soothing backgrounds with topography like lakes, mountains, or blue sky for an appealing template look.

Textured Photos

If you run a food establishment or restaurant, consider a gift card template with a textured design. Your gift cards could feature images of favorite dishes, with your slogan and brand name in neat print on the front.

Check out an example here:

Unique Illustrations

You can also use unique illustrations and imagery for your gift card template. Cartoon like characters or other creative designs that complement the name of your brand are an unexpected choice.

Simple Typography

If you like to keep things basic and clean, stick with simple typography in subtle earthy tones and fun fonts. You can adjust the positioning of the font on your gift card template to make sure it is visually appealing without being too loud or over the top.

Check out an example here:


olive restaurant gift template
Image via flickr.com

Choosing the right gift card template for your brand and selling gift cards is an invaluable business strategy. Not only does it draw new and existing consumers to your business, but it increases revenue and builds your brand.

Select the gift card template that meets your vision and sell your gift cards in a highly visible place at the front of your store, near the registers. This not only makes gift cards easy to find but increases the likelihood that customers will take the plunge and purchase them.

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