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10 Itinerary Template Examples

In this article, we will show you the most popular itinerary template samples found on the Internet. Please note that all the itinerary template samples we are going to present throughout this article are not free for use, having a certain price.

However, for your consideration, we have chosen only those who have a moderate price and have a stunning design. Although itineraries are considered somewhat outdated, they are an excellent way to organize your holiday before leaving your house.

As you will see, all of them can be printed, and can be modified as to suit your personal traveling needs.

Vacation is all about traveling.

Plan your vacation step-by-step with these itinerary template samples.

1. Adventure Planner Set – Editable PDF Printables

This adventure planner set contains a trip planner, a travel itinerary template, a travel journal, a packing list, and a pre-departure checklist. In other words, it includes everything you need to plan your summer vacation from scratch.

The fantastic Adventure Planner set has eight printable pieces, which can be download in a pdf format. Moreover, you will be able to customize them by using any word processing software (i.e. Microsoft Word). Alternatively, you can always use a pen to complete all fields. You can buy this stunning set for $11.10.

The adventure planner is a best option for a worry-free vacantion.

This is a simple itinerary template sample.

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2. Printable Itinerary Template – Printable PDF

This printable itinerary template is just the thing you’ll need to plan every step of your vacation before leaving your house. In addition, this pack contains 19 unique and stunning printable travel planning cards, to help you plan every step of your journey.

Moreover, this package also includes a vacation expenses tracker, a nifty little tool for families who are on a tight holiday budget.  The printable itinerary template set cost $19.20 and can be edited using Adobe PDF Reader’s “text fill in” function.

Pink Itinerary Template Kit

This is how this itinerary template kit looks like.

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3. Editable Travel Itinerary

This is a print-and-fill itinerary template. You just need to download it, print it, and start filling it with the details of your journey. In addition, this card is highly recommended to those who enjoy traveling by air, as it allows the user to pen down valuable details such as flight number, airline, ETA, destination, and departure time.

This minimalistic travel itinerary template will cost you $3.60 and it can be printed on a standard 8 ½” x 11” paper.

Airline travel planner template.

This is a customizable travel itinerary.

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4. Travel Journal Personal Filofax Travel Planner

Hand-made Filofax-type travel itinerary templates for all your trip-related needs. This pack contains a detailed trip planner, where you can pen down the places you wish to visit, a packing list, a shopping list, and small travel journal.

You can purchase this pack for $7.19. Don’t forget to check for discounts.

Filofax Printable Travel Planner Kit

This is a Filofax travel planner set.

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5. Printable Travel Itinerary

A straightforward and useful travel itinerary which can be printed on A4 or letter-sized paper. You can use it to write down valuable info about your trip such as location, breakfast, activity, travel expenses, and how to get there.

You can use this itinerary template to draw an outline of how your trip will look like, or you can take even further and print a list for each day. This itinerary template costs $4.52, and you can edit it using any PDF reader.

Double-sided Trip Planner Template.

This is a simple printable itinerary sample.

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6. Life’s Lists Printable 8.5” x 11” Letter Size Itinerary List

Another excellent example of how easy it is to plan your vacation if you have the right tools. This itinerary template has a vintage-like design, featuring the picture of a biplane at the top. Use this list to pen down important details such as destination, dates, flights, hotel, car rental, and more.

This itinerary template costs $1.80, and you can print it on any letter-sized paper.

Vintage Style Itinerary

This is a vintage-style trip planner.

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7. Printable Travel Planning Kit

Travel around the world, see amazing stuff, kick it back, and take your mind of expenses, hotels, and rentals with the fabulous printable travel planning kit. This set contains ten pages, which cover all your holiday trip planning needs.

In the pack, you will find a tour organizer, a travel packing list, a trip budget, an itinerary template, and more. This pack costs $7.21, and you can print it on either A4 paper or any letter-sized paper.

Vintage Travel Planning Kit

This is an excellent travel planning kit.

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8. Travel Planner – Weekly Itinerary Template

This is a fillable weekly itinerary planner which will help you plan every day of your vacation. In addition, this set also contains two versions: a version containing one field, which you can fill out with fun activities, and one with three fields, to plan morning, afternoon, and evening activities.

Moreover, the Travel Planner – weekly itinerary template costs $4.80 and can be printed on A4 or letter-sized paper.

Weekly Itinerary for Traveling.

Simple weekly planner template.

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9. Seven-Day Trip Travel Planner

Plan you vacation day by day with this amazing 7-day booklet travel planner. Pen in you travel expenses, create a detailed luggage checklist, and much more. Moreover, you can print this fantastic seven-day itinerary template on MTN 210×110 paper.

You can purchase the seven-day trip travel planner which contains a travel snapshot, a trip itinerary template, a destination snapshot, a trip plan overview, a daily itinerary template, a “before you leave” checklist,” and a trip checklist for $6.22.

Seven-day Trip Planner

This is a seven-day holiday planner.

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10. Printable Travel Planner and Journal

A stylish and simple holiday travel planner kit. Furthermore, this exquisite set includes a luggage checklist, a road trip checklist, a camping trip checklist, a travel expenses log list, an accommodation list, a day itinerary template, and much more.

Moreover, you can print all lists on A5 or half letter paper.In addition, you can buy the printable travel planner and journal kit for $11.32.

Printable Travel Planner

This is complex trip planner.

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All the itinerary template samples listed above can be further personalized according to you travel needs. Moreover, as a general advice, we encourage you to use a good-quality paper and to set your printer on max for the best results.

In addition, not all the itinerary template samples presented above can be printed on A4 plain paper. In this regard, we advise you always to check the size of the template before attempting to print it. For some of these templates, you will need a special paper tray, which allows you to print them at their original sizes.

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