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5 Leaf Templates

It’s arts and crafts time! One of the most wonderful way to spend valuable time with your children is through coloring. Not only will the activity help you enjoy a few hours of fun with your loved ones, but it will also develop your young ones’ imaginations. If you’re out of ideas, we warmly recommend getting creative with one of the leaf template options we have made below!

1. Large Leaf Template

1. Large Leaf Template
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We’ll begin with the basics and work our way to more complex templates. For starters, here is a simple, large leaf outline, perfect for coloring. We recommend printing the leaf directly for filling in by hand with your favorite colors.

2. Template with Lined Maple Leaves

2. Leaf Template with Lines
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What if you want to use your leaf to send a lovely message? What you need is a template that has lines included for writing. With the document above, you get two large maple leaves, both with plenty of lines for penning your ideas.

3. Oak Leaf Design Template

3. Oak Leaf Template
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Some of the most eye-catching leaves are those that come from oak trees. To celebrate their beauty, we have created a template with three different oak leaves. You can choose yours based on the complexity you want with the details.

4. Template with Jungle Leaves

4. Jungle Leaf Template
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On the other hand, you can take your kids on an imaginary trip into the jungle with this exciting template. We have provided seven leaves that are all jungle-associated, with various shapes and line styles.

5. Green Leaf Template

5. Green Leaf Template
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To end on a happy note, we have designed a cheerful template with multiple green leaves. Our aim was to offer as many green tones as possible so you can pick your favorite. Also, for more coloring book fun, check out our heart template and star template designs too.


To conclude, a leaf template is just the first step for having quality fun with your children. We’re confident that you can use one, two or even all of our templates for printing, cutting out, and coloring. But enough about us – what about you? Which template did your kids like the most? Have fun!

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