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Legal Agreements & Contracts Templates

10 Itinerary Template Samples

travel itinerary with sliced of orange

image via: It can be fun and exciting to be fully spontaneous when going on an adventure, as this ...

10 Weekly Schedule Template Samples

daily planners and red pen on a white desk

image via: People are busier than ever before. In striving for work and life balance, scheduling work ...

10 Business Letter Template Samples

complaint letter

Most people have had to write a formal business letter sometime in their lives, whether it is to apply for a job, ...

11 Contractor Invoice Template Samples

Invoice Template for Service Providers Form

It’s not easy being a freelancer. Your A-game is constantly required as your clients expect high-quality work. At the ...

16 Donation Receipt Template Samples

Donation from organization receipt template

A donation receipt is an important document certifying that a donation has been made toward an organization or a ...

7 Exclusivity Agreement Examples

5 Exclusivity Agreement Examples

According to the official definition, an exclusivity agreement is a contract drafted between one or more parties, in ...

12 Eviction Notice Template Examples

Notice of Eviction Date template

The eviction notice template is just one of the many examples of how the legal system can become a thorny maze if you ...

14 Silent Auction Forms Templates

Sample Silent Auction Bid Sheet form

Often used during charity events or other similar occasions, silent auctions are exactly what they sound like – ...

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