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5 Logic Model Templates

A logic model template represents a highly practical tool for effectiveness evaluation. Managers usually use a logic model when reviewing a program, either beforehand or throughout the implementation process. If you’re conducting your first program, we recommend that you start with one of the templates we have designed to make your work easier. From there, it’ll all be smooth sailing. Check them out below!

1. Simple Logic Model Template

1. Simple Logic Model Template
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Beginning with the basics, here’s a template for a standard logic model. There’s nothing fancy – just the facts and directions involved in the process. Make sure that you fill out each column with all the necessary details for your program.

2. Color-coded Logic Model Example

2. Color-coded Logic Model Template
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Alternatively, individuals who work better with visuals can opt for a color-coded template. Each section of the logic model is highlighted in a specific color, making them easier to follow during completion. You can adjust them to your company colors in the MS Word version.

3. Table Logic Model Format

3. Table Logic Model Template
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Where are our Excel-style enthusiasts? Even though this template is available only in Word and PDF, it goes along the same lines that an Excel document would. In other words, you have all the sections carefully lined out and simple to complete.

4. Portrait Logic Model Template

4. Portrait Logic Model Template
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Even though the majority of logic models go by a landscape format, some may require a portrait alternative for their files. If this is the situation you’re in, don’t hesitate to use this logic model format. We also recommend it if you have numerous short details you want to include.

5. Guided Logic Model Sample

5. Guided Logic Model Template
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Our last template features the complete guide to filling out a logic model. Not only are there clear directions, but a few elements are already typed in to get you started. Don’t worry – they’re all general and apply to almost all programs.


To conclude, a logic model template plays a major role in accurately assessing a program. As you can see, most of the designs have the same structure, but the details are different. Consequently, you can choose the most appropriate design to match your company needs. Download your Word or PDF format today, and good luck with the program!

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