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10 Magazine Template Samples

Are you considering creating a magazine? Successful magazines take a well thought out plan and a strategic approach to captivate readers. When considering building a successful magazine it is important to know how to build one and choosing the right magazine template. A magazine template that has high impact will increase readability and interest. Building a successful magazine may seem daunting, however knowing the best tips, tricks and magazine template ideas can help make the process easier overall.

This article is designed to help novices and experienced magazine creators build the best magazines depending on their topic. From creation to publication, finding the right magazine template can help make or break the profitability and success of a magazine. Consider reading this article for the best tips and tricks to building the best magazine template.

How to Create a Magazine

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The first thing that needs to be established for creating a magazine is the topic. Choosing a topic that is broad enough to write many articles on but concise enough to establish a niche is imperative to producing a successful magazine. Once the topic has been established, gearing your content toward a target audience is necessary for high impact outreach. Successful magazine companies tailor their content toward a specific audience and strive to captivate their readers based on that target audiences’ interest to the topic.

Researching your topic is crucial to a successful magazine. It is important to have a bank of knowledge and understanding surrounding your topic. Once you have become an expert about your topic formulating interesting articles surrounding your topic is the next step. Consider articles that teach your target audience something or increase your target audience’s understanding and interest surrounding your magazine’s topic. Consider creating a mission statement to help lock in ideas and article content to help maintain clarity and focus for your magazine.

Having a catchy title is important. Most people who browse magazines choose the magazine of interest based on the title. Having a title that successfully promotes the topic of the magazine while also engaging the target audience can significantly increase interested readers. The title should also be clear to understand by readers.

Finding an editorial team is the next step to creating a magazine. You will need an Editor-in-Chief, Feature Editors, Copy Editor, Art Director and a Production Manager. Each of these roles are necessary for magazine production. The editing team should be comprised of people who are passionate about the topic as well as skilled in their roles.

Finding talented writers for your magazine will create and make the magazine interesting and topical. If you’re just starting out as an amateur magazine, make sure your writers know you will not be able to pay them. If you are able to pay your writers, you will have higher quality content. However, amateur magazines can become profitable; it just takes grit and time for new magazines to become established.

Tips for a High Impact Design

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Influencing your target audience to read your magazine is imperative to its success. There are a few tips and tricks for high impact design of magazines. Firstly, having a cover that stimulates interest is important. Don’t be afraid to be bold and loud with your cover. Using the “ABC” rule can help keep your cover page focused and organized. The “A” heading is your magazine title, the “B” heading is a catchy sub title and the “C” headings are used for detailed information and topics of the magazine’s content. This format is used by most successful magazines.

How you use color can create high impact for magazine designs. Consider using a black-and-white photograph, or a photograph with little color and use a bold color for your headings. This creates the “pop out” effect and can be an attractive quality to your magazine. Typography is another tool you can use to make a “pop out” effect to your magazine. Adobe InDesign and Photoshop are great tools for this effect.

Creating a quality-oriented content page will help readers navigate the magazine. Consider using a two-page spread to display the content of your magazine. There are a variety of magazine template ideas to choose from and finding the right one will increase readability for your magazine. A strategic content page can sometimes follow a grid-like style, however it isn’t necessary to use this style alone. Playing around with the style and format of the content page will help you decide what looks best and what doesn’t. Consider what looks most attractive to you and then get input and feedback from your peers.

Another high impact technique is graphic art. Depending on the topic of your magazine, graphic art can be just as effective as a photograph. Graphic art that is clean and simple can also make your magazine stand out in comparison to other magazines.

10 Magazine Template Samples

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Below is a list of ten of the most successful magazine templates. These templates are used by a variety of successful magazines and could potentially increase the readability and interest for readers.

Clean and Neat

If you’re considering building a fashion magazine, using a clean-cut template may be best. The reason being is that a cleaner and neater magazine template displays clothing and fashion accessories better. A clean template might look like having headings to the sides and edges of the page to help show off the clothing and fashion articles. Choosing photos for this magazine template that are crisp and forward facing can also help the reader see the clothing pieces easer.

Tagline Titles

Using a tagline title magazine template works well with adventure and outdoor magazines. A tagline title magazine template displays landscape and natural photos with taglines and titles being either outlined or opaque so that the reader can see the full effect of the content.

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Business Oriented

A magazine template used for political or business topics tend to use New York themed styles. The font tends to resemble a sleek, professional and yet jazzy feel to it. The columns are formatted to resemble sky scrapers giving it that city feel.

Food and Hospitality

For content catered toward food and hospitality, a magazine template with plenty of room and colorful pictures will make the content more attractive and enticing. This magazine template is designed to create a distinguished effect and give readers a sense of craving for the foods they see displayed throughout the magazine. This magazine template uses attractive pictures of food and hospitality layouts with articles written on the sides of pages, sometimes layered diagonally to showcase the photographs.

On the Road

This magazine template is designed for pop culture or indie style music magazines. The magazine template is designed with a minimalist feel and a thin boarder around the pages. The boarder keeps written content and certain photos within, however on some pages the border is within a photograph.

Real Estate

A magazine template that works well with selling homes and condominiums is the real estate stylized magazine approach. This magazine template showcases homes and interior design by showcasing photos from different angles with text neatly scattered around the page. The text should be strategically placed to highlight certain areas of a room or décor.

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Urban Print

An urban print magazine template is designed to display urban areas or cityscapes. Usually using fonts such as Impact, this type of text gives off a modernism feel. Photos of city lights to intriguing photos of back alleys can create a dynamic experience for readers.

Black and White Nostalgia

This magazine template is designed to give a nostalgic feel and is perfect for topics surrounding pop culture and music. The magazine template sticks with a black and white theme for its pictures and text. The black and white nostalgia magazine template gives off a professional rugged feel and you may think it’s something you would have seen from the sixties, seventies or eighties.

Azure Magazine Template Layout

The Azure magazine template layout is designed for a humble and conservative feel. This magazine template is ideal for magazines with high text content and informational topics. The magazine template uses grid like formatting with colorful bold backgrounds overlaying photos.

Money Maker Magazine

Designed to showcase successful individuals and their tips to making money, this magazine template uses color and scattered text placement to create a “pop out” feel. Traditionally using photos of people with a white background, this magazine template displays individuals to promote their success stories.


It can be stressful when building a magazine and choosing the right magazine template. However, it doesn’t have to be hard if you do research. Make sure you have a successful topic, know your target audience and have a good team to help build your magazine. Use high impact tips and tricks to display your content and choose the best possible magazine template.

Consider which magazine template display best fits your topic and target audience. Make sure your content looks readable and intriguing by choosing the best magazine template. If you have grit and work hard, building a magazine with the best magazine template is doable and easy.

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