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8 Meeting Agenda Template Samples

A proper meeting agenda template is the solution for managing time, tasks, objectives, and keeping the discussion on point when gathering with team members. There are several types of agendas that you can work with, based on the nature of the meeting and the participants. Download the meeting agenda Word or PDF template of your choice for free below.

1. Standard Sample Meeting Agenda Template

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This is a straightforward meeting agenda template that briefly outlines actions, decisions, and the given timeframe. It also shortly includes objectives and notes for the following meeting. It can be used by most teams in companies of all sizes. Alternatively, you can try a meeting minutes template.

2. Business Meeting Agenda Template

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Another sample that you can use appears as a formal meeting agenda template. It is an extended version of the first template presented, with the names and positions of the attendees. This is particularly useful for meetings with a large number of participants.

3. Weekly Meeting Agenda Template

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If you meet with your team on a weekly basis to follow up on projects, this is the meeting agenda template you should use. It can be reused for every weekly meeting and contains key points on updates from one week to the next, including tasks for the following gathering.

4. Staff Meeting Agenda Format

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For meeting with general staff, this agenda works just fine. It contains items and notes in an orderly fashion, without getting too specific. Naturally, you can expand on any one of the items, but it works just as well for keeping things simple.

5. Simple Free Meeting Agenda Template

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An even easier meeting agenda template briefly states the objectives and estimated time. Of course, it contains essential data like the date, location, and start time of the meeting. However, it doesn’t require wasting time on customizing the template with company colors and logo.

6. Meeting Agenda Outline

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If you just want to point out the major objectives of a meeting, this is the meeting agenda format you should use. It has a visually pleasing format and is personalized with the colors of the company. It doesn’t go into too much detail, allowing the team to pay attention to the objective at hand.

7. Team Meeting Agenda Template

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Moreover, this meeting agenda format is suitable for a relatively large team. It has all the necessary details about the participants of the meeting, as well as guidelines for proper preparation. It also covers following up on a previous meeting and current agenda items, while leaving plenty of space for future tasks and notes.

8. Blank Meeting Agenda Template

8. Blank Meeting Agenda Template
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Finally, to wrap up our templates, we have a completely blank design. Now that you know the basics about how meeting agendas look and should be used, you can start writing your own. Print PDF copies for writing your meeting notes by hand or edit the Word document on the spot. If you’re in charge of the meeting, you can also use a seating chart template for your team.


To conclude, any one of these meeting agenda template formats can be adapted to your company’s needs. We recommend choosing the appropriate one for the size of the company you work for, as well as your common objectives, actions, deadlines, and notes.

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