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Miscellaneous Templates

7 Heart Template PDF & Word Options

heart template example screenshot

Whether you want to treat your students to some fun arts and crafts time or help your children create handmade ...

17 Obituary Template Samples

Obituary Template Selfie

Dealing with grief looks different to every person. However, one of the ways you can show your loved ones that you ...

8 Doctors Note Samples for Appointments, Work or School

doctors note template

If you are a physician or similar type of medical professional, you will most likely be issuing a doctors note at one ...

9 Personal Letterhead Templates

A business personal letterhead sample

In the age of so many e-mail systems to choose from and other various means of communication, personal letterhead ...

5 Workout Calendar Templates

workout calendar template example screenshot

Want to really stick to your fitness goals this year? All you need is a workout calendar template! By using one of ...

5 Gift Certificate Templates

gift certificate template example screenshot

What better way to show someone your love and appreciation than by offering them a gift certificate? Sure, you can ...

5 White Paper Templates

white paper template example screenshot

Although a white paper template may seem a bit ambiguous at first, there are two main ways you can see it. In business, ...

5 Thank You Letter Templates

thank you letter template example screenshot

You should always thank someone if they have made a kind gesture. Whether it’s a birthday gift, business opportunity ...

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