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Miscellaneous Templates

6 Meeting Minutes Template Examples

meeting minutes template example image

If you work in a corporation, organization or any other type of company or team, a meeting minutes template will always ...

12 Timesheet Template Examples

Oldschool Timesheet Example

Keeping track of each activity at work can become a hard endeavor, especially if you don’t have an efficient tool. ...

5 Letter of Intent Templates

letter of intent template example screenshot

A letter of intent is exactly what it seems to be: a formal message that expresses one’s intentions in a specific ...

5 Leaf Templates

leaf template example screenshot

It’s arts and crafts time! One of the most wonderful way to spend valuable time with your children is through ...

7 Time Card Calculator Templates

time card calculator example screenshot

A time card calculator helps you measure an employee’s working hours during a designated timeframe. Also known as ...

7 Heart Template PDF & Word Options

heart template example screenshot

Whether you want to treat your students to some fun arts and crafts time or help your children create handmade ...

8 Doctors Note Samples for Appointments, Work or School

doctors note template

If you are a physician or similar type of medical professional, you will most likely be issuing a doctors note at one ...

9 Personal Letterhead Templates

A business personal letterhead sample

In the age of so many e-mail systems to choose from and other various means of communication, personal letterhead ...

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