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7 Newspaper Template Samples and Formats

Thinking of starting your own newspaper? Or do you have to create a newspaper front page sample for homework for school? Either way, you can use any one of these newspaper template examples to get started. Find various formats below – landscape or portrait, new or old, black and white or color, and more.

1. Newspaper Front Page Template (Landscape)

1 Newspaper Front Page Template (Landscape)
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In many cases, this is what a modern newspaper looks like. Due to the fact that it’s the front page, it is in landscape format so you can see the details. Although clean and simple from a design point of view, it includes necessary information like the number, location, date, and price. Use the editable newspaper template above to make your own landscape format.

2. Newspaper Layout Template (Portrait)

2 Newspaper Layout Template (Portrait)
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In the alternative editable newspaper template above, you can see what your design might look like when unfolded. Some newspapers choose to have only one story on the first page, especially if it is exclusive or breaking news. On the other hand, others will contain various snippets and headlines from the stories inside.

3. Old Newspaper Template

3 Old Newspaper Template
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A colonial or old newspaper template is different from a new one from a few points of view. Firstly, the paper is naturally worn and sometimes torn. Secondly, the fonts differ, such as Old English. Thirdly, all photos and decorations are black and white or sepia. The old newspaper template Word and PDF documents above will help you get started.

4. Black and White Newspaper Headline Template

4 Black and White Newspaper Headline Template
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Even though most newspapers have mostly black and white content, a great number these days use color photos and headlines. However, other newspapers are black and white entirely. This is what yours could look like if you follow this newspaper template.

5. Magazine Cover Template

5 Magazine Cover Template
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The covers of magazines are far different from those of newspapers. They almost always are full color, and emphasize the main photo more than the text. Nevertheless, you can spot headlines on the left and right side of the large photo in the middle.

6. Newspaper Template for Kids

6 Newspaper Template for Kids
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For children to be interested in expressing their creativity with a newspaper template, you might want to consider adding lots of colors. Moreover, you should help them with a few pictures to get started, as well as the main shapes that can be found in this newspaper template. We also recommend using a heart template and/ or a star template to make a newspaper template for kids a fun art project.

7. Birthday Invitation Newspaper Template

7. Birthday Invitation Newspaper Template PDF
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Finally, we have a newspaper template birthday invitations can be based on. It features a fun, colorful design, all while maintaining a traditional format. You can insert a photo of the birthday boy or girl on the right side of the blank newspaper template. After that, fill in the blanks and use it to invite guests to the party. Alternatively, you can download one of our other birthday invitation templates.


All in all, the newspaper template you pick should fit your target audience and the visual impact you want it to have. If you intend on founding your own newspaper, you should consider customizing your newspaper template so it’s personal. The same goes for school assignments that involve newspaper templates. Have fun!

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