In this article, we will present some of the most relevant organizational chart template examples. You can download these organizational charts for free, by using the download link under each category.

As such, this article’s intention is to cover as many areas of study as possible. In this regard, you will see that all the examples provided can be further adjusted and edited, in order to suit your need. Moreover, you will see that all charts are in various formats, starting with the standard Word documents, and going all the way up to pdfs.

Simple organization diagram with green stick men.

Organizational Charts will help you define the structure of your company.


1. Organizational Chart Template (Rio de Janeiro)

This is an organization chart drafted by the Rio de Janeiro committee in 2016. It features rectangular text boxes, colored in various ways as to indicate the importance of the function. Thus, the topmost positions are light blue, while the others are in crimson.

Furthermore, you can adjust the structure, and coloring of this organizational chart template by using a photo editor.

Rio de Janeiro organizational diagram detailing key positions.

SImple organizational chart.

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2. Simple Organizational Chart Template

If you don’t care about the visual impact of your organizational chart, then you should return to the basics. This simple army organizational chart is monochromatic, simple, and straight to the point. In addition, there’s no need for colors or other elements to underline the top or the bottom positions.

Thus, you can download this chart and customize it even further to suit your necessities.

A simple white and black diagram for the US Army.

This is what a simple army organizational chart template looks like.

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3. National Guard Organizational Chart Template

This is a variation on the simple army organizational chart template we have presented above. However, instead of using the same chromatic for each position, this chart clearly defines the importance of each position using different colors.

For example, the auxiliary services are colored in red, the command functions have a greenish tint, while the rest are colored in light blue. In conclusion, this army organizational chart template is simple, and straightforward, clearly defining the relationship between various branches.

A red, blue, and green organizational diagram for the National Guard.

This is what the National Guard organizational chart looks like.

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4. CATSNY Organizational Chart Template

This in an Excel organization template chart drafted by CATSNY with ease of use in mind. As a result, it is simple, visually pleasing, and you can clearly see the major organizational entities and the nature of their relationships.

Because it is an excel document, this organizational chart template can be modified in order to accommodate your needs. As such, you can change the font, the shape of the text boxes, and the colors.

A simple Excel organizational chart template for CATSNY.

This is what the CATSNY organizational chart look like.

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5. Lytton First Nation Organizational Chart Template

This colorful organization chart example comes to demonstrate that such a document doesn’t have to be boring and void of life. As a result, each text box contains the name of a member, his or her phone number/e-mail address and a picture.

In order to keep up with the template specifics, each position has a different color according to its importance. In addition,you can further edit this organizational chart, and add more pictures, and, perhaps, short descriptions.

A colorful organizational diagram featuring photos and contact details.

The Lytton Organizational Chart template.

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6. Executive Branch Organizational Chart Template

This organizational template sample drafted by the California State Government proves just how complex such a chart can become. Therefore, the lines coming out of each text box, clearly defines who answers to who, and the interdependency between adjacent departments.

If this template fulfills your company’s needs in terms of structure, then you can customize it by using any word processing software.

A detailed organizational chart for the California State Government.

This is the extended version of a simple organizational chart.

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7. Organization Chart Example

This organization chart template is simple, eye pleasing efficient and shows the reader how the company is structured. In addition, each text box contains the name of the position, and the name of the person who currently occupies it.

Moreover, you can enhance this chart to include contact details, pictures, and event short description by using any word processing software.

A simple organizational chart featuring blue boxes and green connectors.

This is what a basic organizational chart looks like.

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8. Sample Health Organizational Chart

A simple chart which illustrates the interdependency between various departments. As an overview, we can say that it straight to the point and minimalistic in design. Moreover, you can edit it by using Word or other word processing software to include more details.

Common organization chart featuring blue boxes.

This is a basic organizational chart.

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9. Student Organizational Chart

This organizational chart template was created by the University of Kentucky in order to illustrate the structure of the Student’s Affair Department. So, depending on the importance of a position, its associated text box will have a different color.

If this organizational chart sample suits your company’s needs, then you can further edit it using a word processing software. To this end, you can include all your company’s top positions, the names of the persons currently occupying said positions, pictures, contact, short descriptions and more.

The Division of Students Affairs' organizational chart.

This is what a student’s affairs organizational chart looks like.

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10. Organizational Chart Template Example

This organizational chart template was drafted by the Columbia/Boone County Department of Public Health and Human Services. Thus, its purpose is to illustrate the structure of this department, by showing the key positions, and who currently occupies them.

For ease of use, the creators of this organizational chart have also included a legend in the right part of the document, which states the purpose of each position.

In addition, do keep in mind that you can customize this document to reflect the structure of your company. This can be achieved by using any type of word processing software.

Columbia's/Boone's County Department of Public Health and Human Services organizational chart.

This is a Public Health and Human Services organizational chart.


All of the organizational chart template examples we have presented and describe throughout this article are free for use and can be customized. In addition, we encourage you to add as many details as possible in your personal organizational chart to make it look as professional as possible.

Remember that any organizational chart must reflect the hierarchical structure of a company. As a result, the details included must be relevant as to make the reader understand the interdependency between positions.

Furthermore, keep in mind that too many details can confuse the user as to whom a certain department answers to, and fewer details will make him or her believe that the company lacks a proper communicational channel.

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