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9 Personal Letterhead Templates

In the age of so many e-mail systems to choose from and other various means of communication, personal letterhead templates have drastically decreased in popularity, but they have not been totally forgotten. This list of personal letterhead samples will allow you to choose from a set of beautiful examples, each suited to a particular occasion. As such, the letterhead can either be something more formal or just for a letter to friends or family. Therefore, we welcome you to discover our favorite personal letterhead samples below!

1. Standard Personal Letterhead Model

If you’re not sure what personal letterhead design is a better fit for a certain occasion, then you can always go with the simple but efficient standard format. It’s sure to be appropriate in a lot of situations, both business and personal.  In addition, the simple design won’t draw attention away from the content of your letter. Even more, this letterhead can be easily customized with the appropriate address, font, and color of your needs.

Simple personal letterhead example

This is a simple personal letterhead template.

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2. Business Personal Letterhead Template

If you plan on sending a letter on behalf of a business as either the owner or even as an employee of a company, then you should always go for a more formal design with a professional but still personal letterhead. It will drastically affect how you and your business are perceived, not to mention that personalized stationery will help streamline and facilitate communication. For this, we recommend using this modern, professional and easily editable template. On this note, you may also want to check out our formal letter format ideas for writing the rest of the letter.

A business personal letterhead sample

If you have a budget for your personal letterhead, we recommend buying his template for business-related correspondence.

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3. Unusual Personal Letterhead Design

If you prefer a more unconventional personal letterhead design, then you could use the letterheads of famous personalities such as Albert Einstein, Harry Houdini, and Michael Jackson. Our suggestion is only one sample out of the many available on Letterheady. From the design of the image or logo, to the font and aspect of the paper, their letterheads are extremely detailed. Overall, this type of letterhead can become your personal trademark when you’re sending letters to friends. However, we do not recommend using them for a more formal situation.

Vintage personal letterhead sample with pictures of famous people.

A more personalized letterhead example, excellent for seasoned writers.

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4. Monogrammed Personal Letterhead

Any correspondence with this personal letterhead is sure to impress anyone. Brown tones and a classic look form this monogram letterhead destined for the more traditional writer. As opposed to more modern versions that are currently very popular, your monogrammed personal letterhead will have a vintage feel to it. As a result, your letter will stand out, no matter if it’s used for formal or casual occasions. The colors and font of this personal letterhead can be easily changed to suit your own preferences and style.

A personal letterhead containing the monogram of the sender.

This is the perfect example of how a monogram can add a vintage note.

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5. Religious Motif Personal Letterhead Example

If your letter involves religious matters, then we recommend using this personal letterhead template. It can be used in various situations if you are writing to or on behalf of a religious community. The symbols in the letterhead design should always correspond to the particular religion of either the sender or the receiver of the letter. It can also be used for more solemn occasions like baptisms or funerals. For an added personal touch, you can always write the letter by hand.

A letterhead with a religious motif.

You can use this personal letterhead if you want to communicate with someone on behalf of a religious community.

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6. Romantic Personal Letterhead Template

If you have ever seen the effect a well-written letter has on a romantic relationship, then imagine how much better the letter would be if it had a personalized letterhead. Few things can convey your emotions better than a loving letter with a personal letterhead. At the very least, for close relationships, it is surely better than any other modern way of communication. All in all, the content of the letter will be enhanced by a personal letterhead while creating a memorable experience for the receiver at the same time.

romantic personal letterhead

Download this personal letterhead template if you want to send an endearing message to a loved one.

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7. Wedding Personal Letterhead Design

Nowadays, it is customary that you send invitations to people you want as guests at your wedding. Usually, the invitation would suffice, as no one expects anything more. However, if you want to go that extra mile and really impress someone, then we suggest also sending a personal letter with a unique letterhead. Besides inviting people in person, this is the next best thing you can use to convince people to attend that special moment in your life. Since it’s a letter, make sure to add personal details that make it stand out from a mass-printed invitation.

A wedding letter with a floral motif.

Use this personal letterhead template to communicate important aspects about the coming event.

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8. Holiday Personal Letterhead Template

In this day and age, it’s become a sort of informal tradition to at least call your relatives and friends on the holidays to see how they’re doing if you can’t visit them. Although a call is perfectly acceptable, why not go a step further? Try this personal letterhead on top of your letter. It’s sure to convey how much you care about the person you send it to. Furthermore, you can use various types of personal letterhead designs to fit the holiday, from Christmas to Easter and more. Your loved ones will definitely appreciate the gesture.

Letterhead sample with a holiday motif.

The perfect letterhead to wish your friends and relatives happy holidays.

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9. Personal Letterhead Designs for Kids

Lastly, if your kids want to send some letters to their grandparents, they should use personal letterhead templates made for children, for an added effect. This should impress and also make the receiver of the letter feel special since it will have a child’s touch. We believe that the puzzle design of this personal letterhead makes it perfect for youngsters who want to try their hand at penning their own letters. As a side note, for these types of occasions, we always recommend writing the letter by hand.

A letterhead sample for children.

Encourage your kids to write more letter to their pen pals with this letterhead example.

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The fact that letters have lost some of their popularity makes people see them as something more special. A personal letterhead will only boost their impression, and it will also reveal a lot about you as a person. So make sure that the letterhead matches the context of the letter and the reason why you are sending it. We’re confident that our list of personal letterhead templates can help you. However, our list contains only a small fraction of personal letterheads, so feel free to get creative with your own design too!

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