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13 Printable Petition Template Examples

It’s not very easy to devise a petition, particularly when you’re a novice in the field. However, if you do some smart planning and work with petition templates, your petition can look professional and as if created by experts even if you are not experienced. Of course, if you prefer, you can always hire a professional and pay him to get the job done. But why do that, if you have access to so many petition template samples that you can use for free? Use one of our examples below and adapt the content to your particular needs while maintaining the format.

1. How to Write a Signature Petition Template

Writing a petition is not rocket science, and many campaigners have gone online to learn the hows and whats of a successful petition story. If you’re striving for a great campaign, there are several issues you need to take into consideration:

  • Target identification (examples: parliaments and governments)
  • Proper research
  • Concise communication and logical structure
  • Privacy (addressing concerns about data collection and signatures)
  • E-signatures

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2. Sample Signature Petition Template

Understanding The Core Elements

This Sample Petition is a great learning tool, namely because it addresses the fundamental cornerstones of a functional petition:

    • The Addressed
    • The Undersigned
    • Reason of Address
    • The Request
    • Contact Details for the Primary Undersigned
    • Signature List of all the Undersigned

Petition Template Understanding Core Elements

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Legal Petition Template

So you’ve decided to file a legal petition on your own. Even though there is no one-size-fits-all petition, you need to follow the type of proceeding and format specific to each court. A divorce petition, for instance, must follow a certain formatting for the state court in the county in which the petition is filed. The same goes for any other legal petition format.

3. Court Petition Template – Request for Adoption

The Request for Adoption Petition is commonly customized to fit the legal case and the social and economical situations of each applicant. The many different adoption laws present in every state make the request for adoption one of the most diverse petitions in circulation.

Petition Template Adoption

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4. Legal Petition Template – Review Application Form

It’s not just petition letters, but also petition application forms that can be found in templates, making it easier for you to request something in a formal format. These application forms come in different formats, some being crisp, with the petitioner has to provide little personal information, while others prove to be quite demanding.

Petition Template Texas Review

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5. Legal Petition Template – Name Change

This type of petition template can help people who would otherwise feel lost in the process of trying to change their name – for whatever reason. It addresses the court, and it can be used for when you get married and change your name.

Petition Template Name Change

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6. Court Petition Template – Parental Rights and Privileges

Court petitions commonly require legal counsel due to the heavy legislative documentation which comes annexed to their petitions. The outcome of a court petition has a greater effect on individual rights and privileges. Legal and signature petitions will generally affect a collective more than one individual.

Petition Template Parental Responsibilities

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7. Signature Petition Template – Mayoral Approval

Oftentimes we need to get approval for this project and that initiative; this is the template to use on those occasions.

Petition Template Mayoral Address

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8. Signature Petition Template – Union Representative Removal

Petitions should always be brief. Both in formal and informal cases, the address should be concise. This exemplary petition template shows that even in an official government address, the most relevant information is the address itself. The second most important element is the clear visible information in regards to the undersigned.

Petition Template Removal of Union Representative

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9. Petition Template for Review

This is where things get a little more complicated, which is why petitions for review require someone with a background in legal work. Even if you hire an attorney, it’s good to know what you should be expecting from him.

Petition Template For Review

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10. Legal Petition Template – Taxes (with survey elements)

Some petitions require more information from contributors than just a signature and a name. Given the number of individuals who can apply and sign one petition type  at a time, the most efficient way to keep track of all the information is using concise survey slips.

Checkboxes are a great tool as in this case they aid whoever is in charge of statistics and it easily organizes the undersigned into any desired sub-category. Additionally, see how you can benefit from tax deductions with a donation receipt template.

Petition Template Tax

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11. Court Petition Template – Personal Harassment

A majority of legal cases use different types of petition templates in order to streamline the bureaucratic process. Individual petitions no longer require a large number of signatures. A former legal precedent or law or ordinance already in effect predetermines the address.

Most of the time, you will require information about the undersigned that is relevant to the legal case.

Individual court-approved petitions will also usually come with brief legal documentation. In such situations, petitioners need to consider employing legal counsel from the start.

Petition Template Stalker Protection

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12. Legal Petition Template – Divorce

By default, many legally-binding petitions appear to be overwhelming at first look. The legislature requires petitioners to input a substantial amount of information. Some individuals do not have legal access or the proper legal vocabulary to correctly manage filling out the forms. The more parties a legal document involves, the higher the need for a legal advisor becomes.

A legally-binding petition involving multiple parties commonly has the address and legal precedent as part of its preset terms. The only information required is that pertinent to the involved parties in regards to the address itself.

Petition Template Divorce

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13. Court Petition Template – Criminal Property Forfeiture

The Attorney General handles several types of petitions delivered to him through mainstream legal channels. However, if the circumstance is valid, any justified individual can apply a petition with the Attorney General. Property forfeiture due to criminal activity is one such case.

Petition Template Property Forfeiture

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In conclusion, the best petition template is the one that helps you meet your goals of getting as many signatures as possible. Make sure you select the right template and invest in quality paper for printing your documents to inspire trust and credibility. Additionally, ensure that you fully customize and complete every petition document prior to continuing with the next steps in the process.

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