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Privacy Policy

Welcome to the Templates Assistant Privacy Policy page!

The Templates Assistant team appreciates and is grateful for the trust our users and visitors have in us. In turn, we value their privacy, safety, and security. As such, we are vehement in ensuring the protection and security of all of our site’s visitors as well as their non-personal data, in agreement with the Data Protection Act, 1998.

The only information that our website gathers is important to its proper functioning. We cautiously guard this information against any possible known type of misuse.

The founding team of is determined to protect the privacy of your personal data. We take this matter seriously as we are aware that all our users are concerned about how their personal information is used and shared. We are also aware of the trust which all our visitors and users place in us and we place that trust at the highest possible level.

The following Privacy Policy will clearly explain how the website gathers and manages the personal data offered to us by our users or collected by the automated systems within the website itself. In case you have any additional questions or inquiries in regards to our Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at and we will reply as quickly as possible.

1. Personal Information We May Collect

Whenever a user registers to Templates Assistant the website needs to collect personal data like your full name and email address. In case you do not want to provide your real information you can always use an alias. The Templates Assistant website needs this information in order to accurately reply to any of the messages, questions, or requests that users send us.

To be noted that if you ever want to delete a comment you previously posted on our website and the personal information you shared with us you can send us a notification at and in no more than 30 days the information collected will be removed.

Neither the website nor any member of the Templates Assistant team will use the personal data of our users for promotional purposes or advertising unless we specifically have their individual consent.

Both non-personal and personal information may be used by the website for one or more of the following purposes:

  • To enhance and personalize the browsing experience, by using the gathered data to accommodate the needs and requirements of our users
  • To improve accessibility and raise the bar of quality offered by our website, thanks to the feedback offered by our users
  • To ensure you receive answers to the questions and comments you leave us
  • To periodically send you notification e-mails if you have opted to subscribe to our newsletter

2. Browser and IP Information; Cookies

On, users may have non-personal data collected and stored in cookies. Cookies primarily focus on the type of browser users are utilizing, as well as the Internet Protocol (IP) address. Apart from this information, cookies usually store information in regards to the URL of the link that brought you to a certain page and the URL you will use to leave the page. Cookies are mainly stored locally on the users’ computers.

We use cookies in order to establish if a user is logged in and available, to increase browsing quality and overall enhance the availability and accessibility of our website. We will never attempt to get a visitor’s e-mail address through cookies, nor would we ever attempt to identify any visitor or user personally. If you consider our website’s use of cookies to be a security concern, most browsers have settings that can reject or accept all cookies or simply notify you whenever a website creates a new cookie. Moreover, be advised we do not share any collected data with third-party websites. We respect our users’ legal rights and only use this data in accordance with the current laws and regulations.

3. Other Sites

This Privacy Policy document applies in exclusivity to the domain. At times, users may run across links to several other websites. The Templates Assistant team has no influence or control over the privacy policies of other domains and websites.

While we can guarantee that we will not maliciously gather personal and non-personal data without consent, the Templates Assistant team disclaims itself and the domain of any liability in regards to the privacy and security policies and practices of all other websites.

As such, whenever you leave due to a link, we strongly advise users and visitors to check the privacy policies listed on those websites, especially if you have any concerns in regards to your security or privacy.

4. Changes to this Privacy Policy reserves the right to revise and update its privacy practices. Whenever any change is set into effect, it will be featured on this page. The date of the revision will be clearly mentioned at the top of the page.

We will also feature conclusive changes to our Privacy Policy via a notification on our main page. This will be done to ensure all our visitors will be made aware of the change.

Nevertheless, the Templates Assistant team cannot perceive any reasons that would motivate us to revise or change our Privacy Policy apart from any future laws which would compel us to adopt the changes. Currently, we strongly believe that we are correctly managing the privacy and security of all of our visitors and users. It is an issue in which have put great effort and time. We would like to reassure you one final time of our commitment to your privacy and security through the present form of this Privacy Policy.

5. Questions

If you have any further questions or if you would like any additional information about this Privacy Policy, please feel free to let us know at without hesitation.

For more information regarding our website’s terms, please see our Terms of Use page.

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