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12 Promissory Note Template Examples

In this article, we are going to present some promissory note template examples. Each of the items on this list will be accompanied by a short description as to their use, and a link from where you can download them. As a reminder, a promissory note is defined as a written document, in which one party (the borrower) promises the other party (lender) that he or she will return a sum of money on demand or at a specified date.

1. Simple Promissory Note Template Example

Firstly, here is a simple promissory note template that you can print and sign on the spot. The lender and the borrower herein named maker and holder, must sign the document in the bottom part, and write their initials on the second page. In addition, the party who drafts this promissory note must carefully complete the fields referring to the principal and interest installment, to clearly state the amount owed, and to fill in the date when he or she expects to receive the debt.

Fill-in-the-blanks promissory note template.

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2. Printable Promissory Note Template

To continue, this is another variation of the first promissory note template we have presented.  The borrower must fill in the lender’s name, the address of the property, the principal, and the interest. Furthermore, this promissory template example contains more details instructions on the waiver, obligations, and what happens in the event that the borrower is unable to pay the debt. At the end of the document, both lender and borrower must sign the document in the presence of a witness and a notary.

Promissory note template detailing all clauses.

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3. Promissory Note for Moving Expense Advance

Moreover, you can use the promissory note template for moving expenses to a later date from the University of Michigan. The borrower (student) can use this note in order to postpone the payment and promises to cover all expenses at the date specified in the document. To fill in this promissory note, you will need to supply your personal info and to write the name of the University’s department to which you submit this document. The other party must fill in the middle part of this promissory note, and faculty or staff member must sign the document.

A promissory note for moving expense in advance issued by the University of Michigan.

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4. Promissory Note Template for Alabama Lawyer Assistance Foundation, Inc.

You can also use the simple promissory note template drafted by ALAF. The lender needs only to write in the sum of money they intend to borrow and the date in which it must be paid. Also, the borrower must write in his address and social security number. In addition, two witnesses must sign this promissory note. Ensure that you go through all the clauses from the body text to see if you agree with the conditions prior to completing the promissory note template.

Promissory note drafted by the Alabama Lawyer Assistance Foundation.

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5. Simple Interest Only Promissory Note

For this simple interest only promissory note, the lender must fill in the sum of money owed in the upper left corner and the date in the right corner. As for the borrower, he must write in his name, the name of the lender, sum of money owned (expressed in US dollars in this case) and the day of payment. The lender must be careful to write in the rate of interest. Finally, the borrower will sign and date the document.

A simple interest only promissory note which features the signature of the maker.

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6. Promissory Note (New Jersey Department of Agriculture)

This is another example of a simple promissory note, drafted by the New Jersey Department of Agriculture. In this case, the borrower must indicate the type of loan he or she has contracted, county, date or purchase, and the amount owed. The document specifies the rate of interest per year, as well as the penalties,  should the lender fail to pay the amount owed until the promised date. To be valid, the borrower must sign and date this document. In the event that the borrower is a minor, this document will be signed by both parents or guardians.

A promisory note template drafted by the New Jersey Department of Agriculture.

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7. Extended Promissory Note

Alternatively, use this unabridged version of a promissory note, which contains sections to cover each type of circumstance that may arise. Apart from filling in the appropriate sections containing basic info and amount owed, the borrower and the lender must be careful to fill in the sections regarding securities, late charge, default, and remedies. For this promissory note to go into effect, two witnesses must be present. They will need to write their names, address, and to provide a signature. The borrower must also write his name on the document.

A promissory note template features all the clauses that bind the borrower to the lender.

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8. Promissory Note

Need a template you can easily customize? This two-paged promissory note template can be adjusted nearly to every circumstance. As in the case of all promissory note templates we’ve presented so far, the main section remains unchanged. However, for this document to take effect, the witness, the borrower, and a notary must sign it. Furthermore, this document requires a countersignature to guarantee its effectiveness.

A simple promissory note template detailing the nature of the relationship between borrower and lender.

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9. Non-Negotiable Promissory Note

Here is an example of a non-negotiable promissory note, drafted between a student (maker) and the Marylhurst University. By signing this document, the maker promises to return the specified sum of money until a certain due date. Failure to do this will determine the holder of the contract to charge the maker’s credit card number until the debt is paid.

A non-negotiable, fill-in-the-blanks type promissory note template.

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10. Promissory Note for Cash Advance

With this promissory note template, the maker (student) can request cash in advance from the faculty in order to be used for specific urgent purposes. In addition, he promises to return the amount borrowed at the date specified in the contract. To be valid, the requester, the Dean, and the Office of Finance must sign this document. We recommend that you use this format for any emergency loans you may require as a student.

Promissory Note for Cash Advance


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11. Real Estate Promissory Note Template

11. Real Estate Promissory Note Template
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If you require a promissory note template for purchasing a property, we have the best format for you. All you have to do is fill in the blanks with the property’s information, as well as the details of the loan. Make sure that two witnesses sign the note, in addition to the borrower and the lender.

12. Promissory Note for Car PDF and Word Template

12. Promissory Note for Car PDF and Word Template
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Lastly, we have a promissory note for purchasing automobiles. We recommend that you use the custom sample above anytime you buy a car through a loan. Ensure that all information regarding the vehicle is included before signing the document off. For other finance-related resources, you can also look into our invoice template and donation receipt template options.


All in all, a promissory note template can take many shapes, but the essence is the same. Remember that regardless of the rapport between lender and borrower, every promissory note must contain a few pieces of info. Among them is the amount borrowed, return date, and the rate of interest. The promissory note should also specify what happens in the event that the borrower is unable to fulfill his or her contractual obligations.

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