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7 Recommendation Letter Templates

Download any one of these recommendation letter templates in PDF format completely free of charge. Every letter of recommendation example shows specific situations in which they might be required, from a recommendation letter for graduate school to a character letter of recommendation. Explore the formats below and see which one is appropriate for you.

1. College Recommendation Letter


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If you want to provide a recommendation letter for college for one of your former students, you should highlight their accomplishments while you were their teacher. On the other hand, if you need a letter of recommendation for graduate school as a student, you can supply your teacher with this template for guidance.

2. Business Letter of Recommendation Sample


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This is the most common letter of recommendation for a job as a former employer. However, if you want to recommend a previous employee for a new position, you should focus on specific situations in which their qualities shone. Furthermore, you should accentuate their key skills and what would make them valuable to the new team.

3. Letter of Recommendation for Teacher


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Teacher recommendation letters are usually addressed from one principal from another. This recommendation letter for job opportunities in the field of education should outline the candidates teaching abilities and how they performed at the last school they were at.

4. Promotion Letter of Recommendation Format


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The letter of recommendation format for promotions should include complete contacts and also references for the employee in discussion. In fact, like with many other recommendation letters, clear examples should be given to support the candidate and why they should be promoted in the company.

5. Coworker Letter of Recommendation for Employment


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A letter of recommendation for coworker is written on a peer-to-peer level regarding the candidate. For this reason, this recommendation letter comes from someone who worked in the same team as the person applying for the position. As a result, it should express how it was to work alongside the candidate and what their contributions were.

6. Volunteer Letter of Recommendation for Student


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This letter of recommendation template often comes from a teacher that wants to support a student. In fact, for volunteer programs, the teacher must emphasize the student’s qualities that were visible in class. Teachers should also connect these aptitudes with the student’s abilities to give back to the community.

7. Personal Letter of Recommendation


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Lastly, a personal or character recommendation letter does not come from an employer, but rather somebody who worked with the candidate or is a relative or close friend. Essentially, it is recommendation letter for a friend that might not have that much work experience but requires credentials from close ones.


All in all, it is important to know that a professional personal letter or recommendation is a vital tool for applying to jobs, grants or college courses. Choose the right format for your situation and also take the time to customize the template to highlight the candidate’s abilities.

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