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14 Silent Auction Forms Templates

Often used during charity events or other similar occasions, silent auctions are exactly what they sound like – auctions sans the talking. So, sheets of paper are placed in front of every auctioned item, in the form of silent auction forms, and quiet participants walk around the establishment bidding on their desired entries. The highest bid on each item at the end of the day is the winner.

Generally, silent auction forms are pretty straightforward. All you need are a few columns – for the name of the bidder, the bid amount, and several ways of contacting the winner, such as a phone number, an e-mail address, or a home address. Silent auction bid forms can take many shapes, but almost all have the general structure.

Below, you will be able to find a series of these silent auction forms which can be used in your endeavors. Some are fully usable, while others do require some modifications to be adapted to your needs. For this purpose, all of the silent auction bid form templates will be downloadable from this page.

1. Silent Auction Bid Sheet

Silent Auction Bid Sheet form

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Designed by the Fight Cancer Foundation, it’s pretty difficult to use this template for something other than bidding silently as part of the Fight Cancer™ Footy Colors Day. Still, with just a little bit of skill in Photoshop or any other image-editing software, anyone can use this template for their silent auction.

What separates this particular silent auction donation form from the others is its color scheme. Very lively, friendly, and energetic, this form also provides details about the item and the auction’s rules. You can download these silent auction forms template entry by clicking the button above.

2. Silent Auction Bid Form

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Coming in a far more simplistic design, this silent auction form template is courtesy of the Cactus and Succulent Society of New Mexico. Even minimum knowledge of Microsoft Paint can turn this template into the one you need.

Aside from offering just enough information about the bid and item to keep it relevant, this particular template features the typical three different columns – name, phone number, and bid amount. If you’re interested in editing and using this template, you can do so by clicking the download button.

3. Silent Auction Bid Sheet Form

Silent Auction Bid Sheet Form

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Even more simplistic than the previous entry, this silent auction forms template only features two columns and two information slots. The Pheasants Forever / Quail Forever logo can be easily replaced, and the date and title on the top of the page can be almost effortlessly edited to fit any and all needs.

Instead of using names to collect the bids, this form simply uses a Bidder Number. Each bidder has their own individual number and can identify themselves later on, should they so choose. Otherwise, this makes for a far more private affair. If you’re interested in the template, you can download it by clicking the buton above.

4. Silent Auction Bid Sheet

Silent Auction Bid Sheet form

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Coming with a few more features, this silent auction bid sheet can be used with no modifications whatsoever. It features a minimum bid, the (easily removable) indication for the bidders to only compete in $10 increments, as well as a Buy it now! option which can be used at your discretion.

It has two columns, one for the bidder number and one for the bidder amount, and it maximizes space by adding two sets of columns on the same sheet. It is perhaps one of the most efficient silent auction forms on this page. Above, you can download this particular template.

5. Silent Auction Bidding Sheet

Silent Auction Bidding Sheet template

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Adding a splash of color to your silent auction forms, these blue sheets are ready to be used as soon as you download them. Featuring two columns, one for the name of the bidder and one for the bid amount, this particular template is one of the most efficient out there.

Straight and to the point, this bid sheet also has a number of meta-elements, helping you inform your bidders of the item, the starting bid, and the mandatory increments. If you want to use these sheets, you can do by downloading them by clicking the button above.

6. Silent Auction Bid Sheet Template

 Silent Auction Bid Sheet Template

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Designed by the Hampden County Radio Association, these bid sheets are a great example of how to structure your bidding sheets to gain as much space as possible. By placing the auction data on the first page and not including it in the subsequent ones, there will be more room for bids on the following pages.

Featuring three columns, one for the bidder’s name or code, one for their code number, and one for the bid, this bid would be the perfect template, were it not for the very easily removable name of the Radio Association.

7. Auction Bid Sheets

Auction Bid Sheets

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Created by Interfilk, these templates are perhaps the most efficient on this list. Providing information about every item, as well as about the auction itself, this template manages to fit three separate series of columns on a single page.

Each of the series has three columns of its own – the number of the bid, the name of the bidder, and the bid itself. Easily modifiable to fit a wide array of needs, you can save a lot of time by using these silent auction forms.

8. Silent Auction Bid Form for Long-Distance Auctions

Silent Auction Bid Form for Long-Distance Auctions

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One of the more interesting and unique concepts on this list of silent auction forms is brought to us by the Preservation Trust. Easily modified with very little effort, this sheet can be used for auctions performed via mail, fax, or E-Mail. It is to be sent before a certain hour and date.

It features the bidder’s contact data, as well as a table of the items on which they are bidding. This template works for those wishing to hold an auction, but lacking the necessary space and funding.

9. Sample Silent Auction Bid Sheet

Sample Silent Auction Bid Sheet form

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Devised by Youth Workin’ It, this is a very easily modifiable template for a number of silent auction forms. It is also a different model from what we’ve seen so far, as it not only suggests the bids, but forces bidders to pay that sum.

It also includes the option to automatically give more money than anyone else would at first, so as to guarantee your winnings. Not applicable for any type of silent auction, this template can be used only under specific circumstances.

10. Silent Auction Bid Sheets Template

Silent Auction Bid Sheets Template

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Provided by Pheasants Forever, this template is yet another example of the best-designed silent auction forms out there. Fitting two series of columns on each page, as well as a space for item descriptions, this sheet was designed for maximum efficiency.

Each of the two series of columns features the bidder name or number and amount bid. Since they are so versatile as to be usable in any silent auction situation, you might be interested in downloading the silent auction forms from above.

11. Silent Auction Template

Silent Auction form Template

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If you need to convey a large amount of information, we recommend this particular silent auction forms example. It tells the bidders about the auction’s scope, about some of the meta details (such as the bidding increments), as well as about the item itself.

While it does offer the bidders as much information as they need, this template isn’t all that efficient. It can, however, be used, as long as there are multiple printed pages. Those interested in using the silent auction bid sheet can download it by clicking the download button.

12. Bid Sheet Template

Bid Sheet Template

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Mostly used for church gatherings, this particular silent auction bid sheet has a well-designedformat. It offers details about the product, as well as more than enough space for bids. Very practical and easy on the eyes, this one is certainly one of the best silent auction forms on this list.

Featuring three columns, this form can host 30 bids on a single page, along with details about the product and the bid. You can easily modify it to fit any sort of silent auction or similar gathering. You can download by clicking the download button above.

13. Simple Silent Action Form

13. Simple Silent Auction Form
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If you want to keep bidding at the silent auction straight to the point, this is the ideal template for you. We have designed it to be as simple as possible so you can collect essentials quickly. After downloading, fill out the top part with the name, description and value of the item.

Continue with establishing the starting bid and minimum raise, optionally providing the name of the item donor. Lastly, prepare the sheet for bidders to fill out their names and bid amounts. That’s it!

14. Branded Silent Auction Template

14. Branded Silent Auction Template
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Want to increase your organization’s visibility through the auction? Use this template for branding your silent auction form. We have created it with blue and green company colors, but feel free to switch them with yours in the Microsoft Word version.

Start by stating the full name of your organization, the address of your headquarters and the date of the auction.  You can use the green shape to your right for inserting your company’s logo or that of the event. After you provide the basic info about the auction item, make sure you inform your bidders of what details they have to provide in the table section.

Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Silent Auction Forms

As you can see, there are plenty of choices with which to go if you really need silent auction forms for your event. Of course, some of the silent auction form templates we’ve presented are better than others. So, let’s look at how exactly you can make sure that you get the best silent auction form template for your needs.

Following these tips might guarantee a more successful silent auction:

  • Ensure that all the necessary information is present on the sheets;
  • Make sure you print enough pages for everyone to be able to bid;
  • Double check to include all the necessary fields on your silent auction forms;
  • Save space by reducing the number of fields to a minimum.

Generally used to avoid the opulence of typical auctions, to keep a more private setting, or simply to preserve anonymity, silent auctions can be just as impressive as regular auctions. So, for your silent auction bid form needs, we hope you’ve enjoyed our list of useful silent auction forms.

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