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10 Storyboard Template Examples

Generally speaking, a storyboard is a graphic organizer depicting a sequence of scenes. While people mostly use them in cinematography, storyboards can also have other uses. And we are going to show you ten such storyboard template examples.

Most storyboard templates look very similar to one another. However, we chose a few examples that vary from the norm. This way, we hope to satisfy the needs of as many of our readers as possible. So, check out these storyboard examples, or see if you can learn how to create a simple storyboard.

1. Snapchat Storyboard Template

snapchat storyboard template

Designed with a very modern use in mind, this template focuses on Snapchat pictures. However, you can easily modify it and use it for something else. After removing the University of Michigan logo, you can make this template your own. You can find the template for download here.

Unlike most templates on this list, the frames for this storyboard are portrait instead of landscape. You can edit the fields under each frame, and do with them as you please. It’s one of the best storyboard examples we came across, so we had to share it with you.

2. eCampus Blank Storyboard Template

ecampus storyboard template

Brought to you from the Academic Technology eCampus of the State University of San José, this is a very simple and straight-to-the-point storyboard template. You can find it for download here.

It features four lines where you can detail each scene. Additionally, each page has six fields where you can detail and showcase each individual frame. The frames are landscape, so you can use them for a wide array of storyboards.

3. University of Northern Iowa Storyboard Template

storyboard template

More comprehensive than the previous entries, this storyboard template features plenty of data. It contains six scenes per page. You can download the storyboard template right here.

If you use this template, you will have to document the transitions, effects, audio, titles, and notes for each scene. Or, you could just edit the fields, and use the storyboard in any way that you wish.

4. Classroom Storyboard Template

storyboard template

You can use this storyboard template in classrooms to teach students about digital storytelling. Each scene is to be depicted in a frame, giving an overall idea of the story. You can download it here.

Also featuring six frames per page, this template has a smaller number of description lines. Set in landscape mode, you can use this storyboard for pretty much anything.

5. Indiana University Bloomington Storyboard Template

storyboard template

This completely blank storyboard template is the perfect tool for any job. It only features six frames, with three lines for descriptions under each of them. Download it for free here.

Since everything but the landscape frames and the lines is blank, you can customize it to fit your needs. A header and a footer will easily take care of any extra information you might require.

6. San Mateo County Community College District Storyboard Template

storyboard template

Featuring only three panels per page, this storyboard template is a bit more complex than some of our other entries. Designed by the San Mateo County Community College, you can find this template free for download right here.

Requiring information pertaining to each frame, this template greatly focuses on detailing each scene. It has fields for dialog, as well as for action. Additionally, it also allows you to number each panel.

7. Indiana University – Purdue University Storyboard Template

storyboard template

Once again featuring only three panels per page, this storyboard sample PDF is also quite comprehensive. Easily editable and customizable, you can find it free for download here.

This online storyboard template contains fields with the name, pagination, date, and user. Each frame requires data in regards to the action and audio in each of them. You also have a special field for any comments you might have.

8. University of South Florida Storyboard Template

storyboard template

Less comprehensive, yet perfect for college students, University of Florida’s storyboard template has six enough room for six frames. You can download it for free right here.

This storyboard template fits any of a great number of uses. It has landscape frames. Moreover, it is very easy to edit and customize. This storyboard is also very adaptable, particularly to student needs.

9. BBC Storyboard Template

storyboard template

The BBC developed this particular template while planning a promotional film. All you have to do in order to use this template is to remove the header. If it sounds useful, you can find it free for download right here.

Each of the six landscape frames included in the storyboard template is joined by three lines of text. These are used for describing each reference scene included in the frames.

10. Self-Reliant Film Storyboard Template

storyboard template

The last entry on our list comes from a website specialized in filmography. Despite being quite simple, it is very professional-looking. All you have to do is to remove the footer, and you can use it for anything you might desire. You can download it for free right here.

Featuring six landscape frames for six different scenes, this storyboard template is very cusomizable. Each frame also features three lines underneath, where the scenes can be described.


We hope that you found at least some of these entries useful. Most of them are printable on A4 papers. You can edit them very easily, and use them for whatever purpose you might need them.

These storyboard template options are completely free. Schools and universities designed them to help their students learn about digital media. If you have some better options we might have missed, please leave a comment in the section below.

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