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5 Survey Templates

Surveys are an excellent way to collect honest feedback from customers, partners or employees. In addition, they are extremely useful for preparing new products and services for the market insight they provide. We’ve prepared a series of survey templates for various industries to save you some stress. Check them out below and download your favorite blank survey template for free.

1. Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates

1. Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates PDF
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In many situations, surveys are used to monitor the satisfaction of customers. If you want to ensure that your brand’s client base is satisfied, we recommend downloading the format above. It uses a basic 1-4 scale for rating customer satisfaction in relation to a company’s products and services.

2. Workplace Survey Templates

2. Workplace Survey Templates PDF
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On the other hand, numerous organizations use surveys to see if their employees are happy with their work. Our workplace survey focuses on employee feedback, in areas such as teamwork, leadership, resources, training, compensation or the overall value of their work.

3. Healthcare Survey Templates

3. Healthcare Survey Templates PDF
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When visiting a medical facility, it is imperative that a patient is highly satisfied with the healthcare services they receive. With the template we have added above, patients can mark “yes”, “no” or “not applicable” in relation to healthcare provider services. You may also want to use a gap analysis template to improve the experience in your facility.

4. Market Research Survey Templates

4. Market Research Survey Templates
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As we briefly mentioned before, a survey can be used to ensure that a future service or product will be fulfilling for customers. If you’re developing a new business idea, we encourage you to test the waters with the market research survey format we have created.

5. Restaurant Survey Templates

5. Restaurant Survey Templates PDF
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Lastly, we have a user-friendly survey available for restaurant administration staff. It’s essential that your customers have a wonderful time when they go out to eat. As a result, you should consider using the restaurant survey template to get feedback. Restaurant owners can also look into our menu templates and gift certificate template ideas for more helpful resources.


All in all, survey templates are just what you need for finding out how your customers and team members truly feel. If you want to make sure the participants are comfortable, you can make any of the surveys above anonymous. After collecting the completed surveys, draw the recurring information from the forms. You’ll easily be able to identify what you’re doing well and what you should improve. Good luck!

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