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7 Sympathy Message Formats, Examples and Templates

A sympathy message is a simple yet powerful act of kindness you can carry out for a friend mourning a loved one. Even though no words can heal the pain experienced when grieving, they will bring comfort and sympathy to the recipient. In these sympathy message examples, you will see how you can pen a condolences note with an appropriate tone.

1. Short Sympathy Card Messages

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This is the standard sample sympathy message you can provide for acquaintances, coworkers, and so on. Nobody expects condolences to be very long when you weren’t extremely close to the deceased or their family. As a result, you don’t need to worry about the length, but rather focus on the meaning of the words.

2. Extended Deepest Sympathy Card Message

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On the other hand, you can create a lengthier sympathy message if you were a close friend of the individual who passed away. You can include memories, wishes of resting in peace and any other comforting messages. Don’t hesitate to encourage the mourner to contact you for any help required throughout the grieving process.

3. Sympathy Message for Loss of Mother or Father

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Losing a parent, especially before their time, is never easy. Consequently, you can offer as much support as possible in the sympathy message for the family in mourning. Depending on how close you were to the deceased, you can talk about their wonderful qualities and how they will be remembered.

4. Sympathy Message for Loss of Husband or Wife

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Similar to a standard sympathy message or one for the loss of a parent, condolences for a wife or husband should express love and support. Similarly, you should offer to lend a helping hand, warm thoughts or prayers while they’re in the challenging times.

5. Sympathy Flowers Message

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As opposed to a card or letter for expressing condolences, a sympathy flowers message is usually shorter. The message will be printed on a smaller card and attached to the aforementioned flowers, usually to be presented at the funeral. A kind thought and a few words from the heart help more than you’d think.

6. Religious Sympathy Messages

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If you or the deceased and their family are religious, you can always incorporate faith into the sympathy message. Many spiritual individuals find comfort in Bible verses or encouragement through the Lord’s will. Feel free to offer your presence for praying together.

7. Thank You Sympathy Message

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Those who are on the receiving side of a sympathy card or message might want to consider responding with a thank you note. They do not need to be long at all; quite the contrary. A sentence or two describing your gratitude for their support are more than enough.


To conclude, a sympathy message can greatly aid a family that has recently suffered a tragic loss. As a friend, a few comforting words can go a long way for those grieving. Your sympathy message should generally be short, sincere and supportive. Most importantly, it should be a symbol of encouragement and love from your heart to theirs.

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