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Table Of Contents Template Samples

Sample of a table of contents template
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When you’re putting together a body of work, implementing a way to make it easily navigable for your readers is essential. From nonfiction books to business and technical reports, table of contents make it so that your reader can find exactly what they need when they need it. To make your work as appealing to readers as possible, read on for what you need to know about table of contents templates and five great examples you can use.


What Are Table of Contents Templates?

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A table of contents template is the perfect guideline for anyone who is preparing a body of work. This work can be a book, report, etc. A table of contents is what outlines the information that will be included in a body of work. A table of contents is typically found on the page before the written work. It comes after a title page, copyright notices, and an abstract. It usually is placed before any lists of tables or figures and the foreword and preface.

What Information Is Included in a Table of Contents?

Table of contents templates will include chapter and section titles. Sometimes, a brief description of what is covered in each chapter will also be included. This information is accompanied by a page number to make navigating the written work more efficient. In digital text, instead of navigating through a page number, each chapter or section title offers a link to reach the appropriate part.

In any work that is large and in-depth, you must include more information in your table of contents. In these situations, a table of contents might include second-level headings and third-level headings.

When Is a Table of Contents Needed?

While having a table of contents has many benefits, with the greatest being that readers are more easily able to navigate through your written work, not all work needs a table of contents. So when is it okay to skip out on a table of contents and when is it really useful?

In some fiction books, especially mystery ones, a table of contents doesn’t serve much of a purpose. In fact, imagine a mystery book where a chapter title is listed, and the description spoils the whole story. There isn’t a vital need for a table of contents in this type of written work. Chances are, your reader won’t be looking to jump from section to section, instead, they’ll want to go with the flow of the work.

While a full table of contents is unnecessary with fiction books, a modified table of contents is still suggested to enhance the reader experience. For fiction books, you can include a table of contents that only encompasses chapter and section titles with their corresponding pages. It’s best to forgo descriptions for this type of work.

On the other hand, if you’re writing nonfiction work, a table of contents is immensely helpful. In nonfiction work, a table of contents can be extremely useful as a quick reference guide for your user. For example, if you’re writing a complete guide for yoga, and your reader is looking for information on a particular style, such as Hatha, with a table of contents they can quickly navigate to that section. Instead of flipping through page after page, they can find your section on Hatha yoga and be directed to the exact page where that section starts.


Table of Contents Design Ideas

Corporate sample table of content design ideas
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Whether you’re writing a book, a technical report, a business proposal, or anything else, understanding what makes a great table of contents is a huge asset. Knowing what makes table of contents templates stand out will help make the completion of your written work smooth and stress-free and help appeal to your readers.

There are so many ways to add a little character, convenience, and effectiveness to your table of contents. Even when using table of contents templates, there are ways to add a little originality and uniqueness to them. Here are some great ideas on how to do just that:

Use a Gradient

If you’re developing a written work that is more on the creative side, adding a color gradient to the paper and text of your table of contents is a great way to add some beauty to your work and is sure to appeal to creative readers.

Use Tabs

For booklets and reports, you can use tabs for an effective table of contents that makes navigation easier for readers. Colorful tabs will make it so simple for your readers to find exactly what they are looking for.

Use Icons

People respond really well to images, so a great way to spice up your table of contents and make it feel more modern is by using icons. Along with the title or section name and page number, you can include an icon that represents what will be covered in each section in your table of contents. This is especially effective for things like written work that includes recipes, fashion, travel destinations, and nature, etc.

Use Images

Like we mentioned above, readers will respond well and often more quickly to images. So if you can condense your table of contents to one column without complicating it or taking away any important details, you can do so and replace the saved space with a beautiful photograph.

Use Big, Bold Text

A contemporary way to enhance your table of contents is by using big, bold text to draw in reader attention and make your content easy to read.

Create a Hierarchy

Depending on the written work you’re creating, some sections and chapters might be more important than others, so let that reflect in your table of contents. You can create a hierarchy by using images, bold text, or different colors to emphasize certain chapters or sections.

5 Table of Content Templates

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Blank Table of Contents Template


Book Table of Contents Template

A book table of contents template takes it a step further, and (as can be gathered from the name) is great for books. Most book table of contents templates provide a section for different chapters, and each chapter is further broken down into sections. For example, a business book could have the first entry in a table of contents as “Chapter 1: Business Introduction.” This chapter could then be broken down into sections including business description, specific strategies, goals, and objectives.

Business Plan Table of Contents Template

Another time that a table of contents template really comes in handy is when proposing a business plan. Similar to a book table of contents template, a business plan table of contents template will provide a section for chapter numbers, pages, and chapter titles. Each chapter is usually then broken down into sections or into a list that describes what will be covered in the section. For example, if chapter 1 of a business proposal is “Introduction and Strategy,” it will have space for subsections that can be listed such as market brief, service brief, corporate status, and product statistics.

Annual Report Table of Contents Template


Creative Table of Contents

If you’re making creative content, then you can go with a creative table of contents template. These templates will usually involve more uniqueness, color, and individuality. Most will include blocks for each chapter, with different colors for each chapter. Then you’ll have the option to fill each section under the chapter title with some information about what will be covered in that section. And of course, you’ll also include a page number.


Table of contents templates serve so many purposes. Whether you’re writing a book, report, or even a magazine release, knowing the different templates you can use will make it a lot easier. The tips and template examples in this article will have you on the right path to creating the perfect table of contents for all your biggest projects.

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