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Terms of Use


1. Introduction

By accessing our website, all visitors and users fully agree to comply to the Terms of Use listed below, as well as any supplemental terms and conditions included within our Privacy Policy document. Users and visitors also agree to respect and oblige to all applicable laws, regulations, ordinances, and statutes, be they international or domestic. From now on, visitors and users shall be referred to as “You”.

2. Terms

In accordance to our Privacy Policy, you consent to the use of your personal supplied data.

Gathering and collecting any personal data from TemplatesAssistant.com, which is not directly belonging to you, is strictly forbidden. In addition, in order to use this website, you must be at least 21 years old, or of the legal age of your country of residence.

You consent to never break or violate any law, ordinance, regulation, or statute. With or without your consent, you will not be able to create any liability for us or to affect who we receive services from our ISPs.

Using any manner of exploit or hacking on any page of the TemplatesAssistant.com domain is entirely prohibited. You are also prohibited from performing any action or set of actions that can directly or indirectly damage, expropriate, or interfere with any data, personal information, or system. You cannot legally attempt to act towards the partial or full destruction, interruption, or limitation of any of our domain’s hardware, software, or telecommunications equipment.

Linking to our home page, as well as to any posts from TemplatesAssistant.com is permitted, as long as you own or control the website, the site is not a commercial competitor, and the linking is not done to maliciously criticize or injure us. Linking must also respect all intellectual property rights, legal rights, and applicable laws.

We do not directly or indirectly endorse anyone who shares or links any content from our domain. You are prohibited from shaping or altering the content of any other website in order to falsely suggest that it is in any way associated with TemplatesAssistant.com. You are also prohibited from directly or indirectly linking to any content or material to which you do not have the right to use.

Downloading or collecting any data or information from any page within the domain is done at your own risk. You agree to be the sole responsible party for any hardware damage or software corruption that may occur as a result of any downloads.

Under the pretense of copyright violations, without an official TemplatesAssistant.com endorsement, you are prohibited from altering, collecting, copying, creating, distributing, exploiting, publicly displaying, reproducing, selling for any commercial or financial gain.

You are also prohibited from injuring or violating any intellectual property present within our domain or from any third party website, without an explicit written consent from us or the owner of the third party website.

When you are given the possibility of downloading or printing any content available on TemplatesAssistant.com, it is for non-commercial and personal use only. As such, you do not gain ownership rights to the material in question via downloading or printing.

You are forbidden to harass others, to post pornographic or obscene content, either via comments or any other means.

Additionally, you agree to notify Us of any improper, suspicious, or unauthorized use of Our website or its content, as well as any potential security breach. You agree to cooperate with Us in investigating any violation of the Terms of Use.

3. Conditions

We reserve the right to bring any future updates to the present Terms of Use. Any such revision will be brought to Your attention via notifications at the top of this page. The newest version of the Terms of Use supersedes all previous versions. Continuing to use TemplatesAssistant.com after a Terms of Use notification implies You are aware of the changes and You accept them.

We also reserve the right to, permanently or temporarily, at any time and without any notice, discontinue, modify, or remove, any content or portion of TemplatesAssistant.com. Any change, modification, suspension, or termination to the website does not make Us liable by You or any other third party. We take no responsibility to you or any other third party to store or delete any data, as well as in failing in storing or deleting any material You provided.

We do not necessarily agree, encourage, endorse, support, or verify any of the comments, content, links, opinions, or statements present in the comment section.

We are not required to consider the confidentiality of any submission to Our domain. Additionally, We are not responsible for compensating or considering any submission.

We cannot be held liable for any adaptation, collection, compilation, copying, derivation, disclosure, display, distribution, exploitation, licensing, modification, publication, reproduction, sale, or translation, of any ideas or content submissions, as well as any tangible or intangible subject matter based  on, derived, incorporating, related to, or similar to any submission, in part or in whole.

We reserve the right to, at any time and for any specific reason, refuse, suspend, or terminate Your use of Our website. We also maintain the right to periodically modify and set specific limits and general practices in regards to the use of Our domain.

It is Our right to send You communications, such as newsletters and service announcements, as well as any other form of content We believe will benefit TemplatesAssistant.com.

We provide access to Our domain on an “as available” basis and “as is.” You cannot use any information or any opinion present on TemplatesAssistant.com for any other purpose. You also have the responsibility to personally evaluate the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, and usefulness of any personal or third party content found on Our website.

Neither Our website nor We can ever be held responsible or liable for any damage or loss caused by any of the content present on Our website. To this purpose, we disclaim any conditions or warranties of any kind, express, implied, statutory. The disclaimer extends to include while not being limited to the implied fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, as well as any other warranty.

We additionally disclaim any warranties in regards to the performance, reliability, timeliness, or security of Our website, for any other goods and services, as well as for any advice, information, and recommendation advertised or received through Our domain or any links present therein.

Finally, no oral or written information or recommendation provided by Us or Our website may make you exempt from any warranties or disclaimers.

4. Intellectual Property and Proprietary Rights

Along with Our Terms and Conditions, you also acknowledge that TemplatesAssistant.com along with all of its content is protected by copyrights, intellectual properties, patents, proprietary rights, service marks, trade secrets, and trademarks. The protection expands to any additional derivative material or works, as well as any confidential or proprietary information. The rightful owners of this content are considered to be TemplatesAssistant.com and all other third parties who licensed content to TemplatesAssistant.com.

It is entirely prohibited to display or use TemplatesAssistant.com or any of its content in any way other than those defined in these Terms of Service document, as well as any and all other laws which can be applied. Anyone willing to legally continue any such display or use requires Our written permission or the permission of the appropriate owner of intellectual property.

Additionally, you cannot acquire any interest, right, or title in TemplatesAssistant.com or in any of the content or material presented by our domain. We expressly reserve any additional rights not granted in the present Terms of Service.

5. Credits

We may at times issue credits on occasions, such as specific promotional programs with potential affiliate online shops. Any and all credit issues in this manner may be subjected to a minimum purchase requirement.

You should not attempt any form of personal promotion in relation to Us. You should not attempt any advertising, marketing, or promotional activity on behalf of Us or TemplatesAssistant.com. This includes any use of the Templates Assistant Trademark.

For additional information in regards to our collection of personal data, please see our Privacy Policy.

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