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7 Timeline Template Formats with Examples

A timeline template is required when you need to keep track of a certain time frame. No matter if it is a schedule, a brief history or step-by-step actions of an event, timelines templates act as great organizational tools. See the various examples below and download your free timeline template.

1. Project Timeline Template

1 Project Timeline Template
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Timelines are one of the best ways you can keep track of projects. In companies and organizations, a well-outlined timeline can assist you in tracking phases of the project. It is especially useful for extensive projects that span several months, but is equally practical for short and detailed tasks.

2. Wedding Timeline Template

2 Wedding Timeline Template
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Any individual who has been involved in planning a wedding knows how hectic the process is. For this, a wedding day timeline template helps you make sure that everything goes according to plan on the big day. After being filled out, this timeline example can be printed and passed around to everybody in the wedding planning team.

3. Timeline Template for Kids

3 Timeline Template for Kids
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There’s nothing quite like writing down your favorite moments throughout your childhood. As a parent, you can encourage your daughter or son to create their own timeline. Ask them to contribute with their most beloved memories so they can re-read them after several years.

4. Event Timeline Template

4 Event Timeline Template
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Similar to weddings, any other one-day event could benefit from a timeline format. Particularly events that have numerous activities going on throughout the day can be kept on schedule with a document like this. Jot down the key hours and activities for smooth sailing.

5. Company Timeline Example

5 Company Timeline Example
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At one point or another, mid-sized to large companies collect an impressive number of achievements. To show them nicely, you can create a company timeline. You should mention the most important years, as well the goals completed or milestones reached.

6. Historical Timeline Templates

6 Historical Timeline Templates
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Whether for a school project or for personal use, you can create a historical timeline to mark the most significant points throughout a specific period. For instance, a historical timeline is appropriate for a public figure, or a particular century.

7. Production Timeline Sample

7 Production Timeline Sample
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In the film industry, professionals require production timelines to outline the main tasks and stages of creating a full-length film. From a visual point of view, production timelines are pretty basic. However, they make use of different, vivid colors to clearly make the difference between one production stage and another.


To wrap everything up, the ideal timeline template varies from case to case. As you have learned, an active event timeline is different from a company timeline, and needs to be customized appropriately. As a final note, make sure you correctly definite the dates/times are to be in accordance with the activities.

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  1. Sarita Mehul says:

    I can’t thank you enough for these timetable sheets! I’m using the project timeline template to schedule my monthly topics and posts for our website and it has been a godsend! Thank you so much!

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      We are glad we could help you! We hope you come back for more useful templates!

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    What a great resource! Great variation of templates!

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