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12 Timesheet Template Examples

Keeping track of each activity at work can become a hard endeavor, especially if you don’t have an efficient tool. For this reason, we recommend using a timesheet template to improve your workflow. Below you can find various timesheet examples which are free for use, and that can be adapted to your needs. Although you will also see that some of them bear the seal of various institutions from all over the world, these samples can be easily edited using any type of word processor.

1. Domestic Worker Timesheet

A simple domestic worker timesheet.

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To begin with, this is an accurate depiction of what a simple timesheet template looks like. It was prepared by the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office, and it can be used by anyone to keep track of hours worked. You can also use an employee schedule template for monitoring working hours.

2. Monthly Report for Federal Work Study

A monthly student's report for Federal work study.

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Another timesheet template you can use is this format created by the Health Science Department at the University of Texas. We particularly recommend the monthly timesheet for students who carry out research. At the end of the month, the employee and the supervisor must sign the timesheet and type in the date.

3. Time Recording for A Horizon 2020 Action

A highly customizable time recording for a horizon 2020 action.

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In addition, you can check out this fully-customizable and printable timesheet template. Although the title specifies that this specific timesheet is used to keep track of a long-term action, it can be adjusted to any time horizon. To be valid, this document must be signed by the person performing the actions, and countersigned by the employer or supervisor.

4. Simple Timesheet Template

A simple timesheet template featuring the signature of the employee.

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A simple timesheet template is the best way to efficiently keep track of work hours without getting into too much detail. The timesheet template here covers standard working hours (week/fortnight), overtime, and leaves of absence. The employer must be careful to write the company’s name, the employee’s name, the pay period, and the pay date.

5. Timesheet Template Example

A timesheet template created in Microsoft Word.

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Employers and employees alike can greatly benefit from this monthly timesheet template. The employer must fill in the employee’s contract number, the name of grant beneficiary, the name and position of the employee’s supervisor, the calculation of fees and per diems. Also, a legal representative and the employee should sign the document.

6. Departmental Timesheet Template

Simple timesheet template featuring the employee's name, worked hours, and the signature of the supervisor.

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For employees in a specific department, you can use this timesheet template.  At the end of each day, the department’s legal representative must fill in the date, start time, end time, regular hours, and overtime. Don’t forget to fill out the top section with the basic info of the employee, department, and supervisor.

7. Individual Consultant Timesheet

A complex individual consultant timesheet detailing the number of hours worked per day and projects.

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Even though this individual consultant timesheet sample was created by the Asian Development Bank, you can adapt it to the nature of your company’s activity. The consultant must fill in a couple of details regarding the employee’s activity such as date, location, per diem, activities, and remarks.

8. Monthly Timesheet

A simple monthly timesheet template.

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For month-to-month monitoring, we recommend the timesheet here for keeping track of work hours, sick leaves, traveling allowances, and overtime. The employer must be careful to fill in the company’s and employee’s names. Moreover, you must also mention the total hours worked over the week, miles, and the regime (normal sick or A/L).

9. Timesheet Example Form Design

A graphic timesheet example form design.

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10. Human Resource and Payroll Timesheet

Furthermore, for managing payroll, we suggest the manual timesheet template example drafted by William & Mary’s Human Resource Department. It’s extremely useful, as this timesheet succeeds in detailing everything from holiday pay to workers comp leaves taken. You can also use a time card calculator for the same purpose.

An HR and Payroll timesheet issued by the William & Mary company.

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We also have a simple and customizable timesheet which details the activity or activities carried out by the employee over the course of a week. Additionally, you can add overtime and required work hours per week. As a side note, the document must contain the employee’s name, ID, the name of the manager, and the start and end date.

11. Weekly Timesheet Template

11. Weekly Timesheet Template
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Want a clean timesheet that you can fill out at your leisure? You can opt to keep everything simple with a straight-forward weekly timesheet. All you have to do is print the document or edit the boxes in the table in Microsoft Word with your work information.

12. Biweekly Timesheet Template

12. Biweekly Timesheet Template
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Lastly, we have a fillable timesheet for biweekly recording. In other words, you can use the template above for writing down details for two weeks at a time. It’s a particularly useful tool for HR professionals who also need to include salary information.


To conclude, you can further customize any of the timesheet template examples above. As you have seen, all these timesheet templates cover different types of timeframes and mean to help you keep track of the total hours. Feel free to adapt any of these timesheet templates to match your company’s branding or your personal preferences. Finally, if you prefer any other format, let us know in a comment below!

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