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10 Business Letter Template Samples

complaint letter

Most people have had to write a formal business letter sometime in their lives, whether it is to apply for a job, ...

5 Survey Templates

survey templates example screenshot

Surveys are an excellent way to collect honest feedback from customers, partners or employees. In addition, they are ...

5 Menu Templates

menu templates example screenshot

Menu templates are extremely useful tools for restaurant, café or bar owners. In addition, they can help you save a ...

5 Fishbone Diagram Templates

fishbone diagram template example screenshot

Need to gain clarity in a challenging situation? Use a fishbone diagram template. Also known as an Ishikawa diagram, a ...

5 Concept Map Templates

concept map template example screenshot

Concept maps are highly useful tools for interconnecting ideas. If you break down the term into “concept” and ...

12 Timesheet Template Examples

Oldschool Timesheet Example

Keeping track of each activity at work can become a hard endeavor, especially if you don’t have an efficient tool. ...

5 Strategic Plan Templates

strategic plan template example screenshot

A project will always have increased chances of becoming successful if you have a good strategic plan. Developing a ...

5 Project Proposal Templates

project proposal template example screenshot

If you are seeking to start a new project that requires a partner a project proposal template is just the document you ...

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