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7 Common Two Weeks Notice Formats

If it is time for you to move on from your current job, you will most likely need to provide a two weeks notice for your resignation. Even though not all contractual agreements include a two weeks notice email or letter as an obligation, it is a professional way to leave a company in good terms. Find the most appropriate two weeks notice letter template and download the PDF version for free below.

1. Standard Two Weeks Notice Example

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The most common two weeks notice letter contains the full name and position of the person you are addressing it to, as well as the company’s name and address. After courteously stating your resignation, make sure you complete the letter with your signature, name and address.

2. Basic Two Weeks Notice Sample

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Another two weeks notice example resembles a classic letter format. It contains the full name, address and employee number (if applicable) in the top right hand corner. Furthermore, it clearly prints the date the resignation letter was written, which is included once again at the end with the employee’s signature and name in print.

3. Professional Two Week Notice Letter

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A professional approach in your two weeks notice letter is to include both your address and that of the recipient. Afterwards, mention the date and the position you are resigning from. Conclude the letter with gratitude, your signature and full name.

4. Formal Two Week Notice Template

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Yet another two weeks notice sample involves the addresses of the sender and recipient. It has the date clearly shown on the right side of the page. It maintains the same formal and appreciative tone as with most two week notices, while ending with a signature and the position that was occupied.

5. Simple Two Weeks Notice Template

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If you work for a small company or are generally familiar with the recipient, you can simplify your two week notice. No addresses are required if the letter is presented face to face, but make sure that your signature is at the bottom.

6. Sample Two Week Notice Email

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Even though it is not generally recommended, some situations require employees to send their two weeks notice via email (i.e. working remotely). In this case, include any necessary CC at the beginning, as well as the name of the company.

7. Employer Two Weeks Notice Letter

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Occasionally, you might have to be on the other end of a resignation by having to terminate an employee’s contract. When informing them of the situation, make sure you include the company logo and explain why you no longer require their services. Maintain the same open tone in case you have the opportunity of working together again in the future.


To put it in a nutshell, any one of these two weeks notice templates can work for your resignation. Regardless of what format you choose, make sure that you write the letter with a formal tone. Even if you are finishing your collaboration due to a dispute, you never know when a future employer might request your copy of the document.

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