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10 Weekly Schedule Template Samples

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People are busier than ever before. In striving for work and life balance, scheduling work activities and life activities has become commonplace. Even with schedules, some activities get forgotten and appointments get missed. We leave ourselves sticky notes, place things on calendars, and have Siri, Cortana, and Bixby announcing upcoming events and appointments all week long. Yet, we always miss or forget something. A weekly schedule template can help.

Everyone has activities that would be tracked easier with some kind of weekly schedule template. The average person has, at least, a job, maybe some kids who have activities, doctor appointments, and possibly a project or two. That’s a lot to keep track of without some kind of help. Not everyone is tech savvy enough to set the alerts on electronics to use them. Weekly schedule templates of some sort make sense.

You can choose the weekly schedule template that best suits your needs, or whichever one looks most attractive to you. There is no set way to fill one out a weekly schedule template and different ones can be used for work, school, and personal activities. You don’t even have to use the same template for all your activities and might like to use a different one for each. Let’s look at 10 weekly schedule template samples to show you some options.


What Is The Purpose Of Weekly Schedule Template?

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The primary purpose of a weekly schedule template is to help you create a way to keep track of activities during the week. This can be printable, something you have hanging around on your desktop, or even have on that you update every week and email to a group of people. The point is to know what you’re supposed to be doing when in a way that works specifically for you. This is especially important to an older person who is having issues remembering everyday things consistently. Having a visual can help keep them on track for doctor appointments and taking medications at the same time every day.

Another possible purpose of a weekly schedule template is to have a group of people using the same format for scheduling purposes. Examples of this would be a work team or coach who wants everyone to know when the weekly practices are and when the games are. You can use a different template for each activity or based on whether you are a student, teacher, manager, or athlete.

A student would find a weekly schedule template that could be revised for each class and semester useful so they could better manage homework time, with free time and extracurriculars. This would help a student know where they might need to give some extra time based on their course load. A teacher might use a whimsical weekly assignment schedule template for their students, but use a weekly project schedule for a class project to make sure the student has enough time to complete it.

A plant manager could use a weekly schedule template that could be updated and published to different workgroups, or, different teams that are working on a project together. They could use one template for a weekly work schedule and another for the weekly project goals and updates. An athlete could also enjoy using multiple weekly schedule templates. One could be used for weekly workouts and another could be used for weekly events such as games or special training sessions. Below are examples of different weekly schedule templates.

Different Weekly Schedule Templates

  • Weekly planners
  • Weekly agendas
  • Weekly meal plan
  • Weekly work schedules
  • Weekly project schedules
  • Weekly social media planner
  • Weekly  workout schedules
  • Weekly event schedule plans

Is There A Need To Use A Weekly Schedule Template?

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So, is there really a need to use a weekly schedule template? That depends. You can try to freestyle one using Microsoft Excel. While it might be functional, it might lack in the style and professionalism departments. Ask yourself what kind of message are you trying to convey and how well do you want the weekly schedule tool to work for you? While using Microsoft Excel is definitely an option, it’s not practical in a professional environment or in creating a unique weekly schedule.

Using a weekly schedule template will allow you to keep the same format every week. Consistency is important when trying to keep a team, a workgroup, or a project on task. With a weekly schedule template, you can add in action items to help assign tasks and know what is done and what still needs to be completed. This is the same reason it is important for workgroups and teams to have consistency in the format of weekly schedules. That, and by using a template you can create a weekly schedule that is eye-catching and unique to your purpose.

How a weekly schedule looks can be important depending on what you do for a living. A weekly schedule for young students should be whimsical while one for athletes could include weekly stats for each player and shared via email. A business consultant would want to have a variety of weekly schedule templates to offer a client, especially one who is setting goals and striving for that work/life balance.

A college student would enjoy a weekly schedule template that could be reformatted for each class and every semester. This weekly schedule template could include space for assignments, special study sessions, and what will be on a quiz. Someone trying to lose that last 15 pounds could use a weekly workout schedule template to track types of exercise done and weight loss progress.

Those who have trouble staying on tasks would most likely have a need for a weekly schedule template. There could be disorganization issues caused by a medical condition, or just having so much to do that staying on task is very complicated. A weekly schedule template, that is adjustable to the needs of the individual, would be beneficial.

How To Create A Weekly Schedule Template

The easiest way to create a weekly schedule template is to find a site that offers ones that are pre-made. The first site that comes to mind, for most, is Microsoft Office. Another choice is Canva that offers a variety of templates meant for publishing and sharing. Between both sites, there are over 20 types of weekly schedule templates Below you’ll find 10 best, and most frequent types, that are offered on each site, and the links to get to those sites.

Once you find the template that will work for you, change it to meet your needs, save it, print it, or publish it. Whichever format will get the schedule to where it will be used best. These are the 10 that would be best for students, teachers, managers, and athletes for a variety of tasks they might need to keep track of. Whether you’re using Microsoft Office weekly schedule templates or Canva weekly schedule templates, both types are saveable, shareable, and printable.

Microsoft Office

  • Weekly group schedule
  • Weekly chore schedule
  • Weekly task schedule
  • Weekly employee shift schedule
  • Weekly class schedule


  • Weekly work schedule
  • Project schedule
  • Weekly workout schedule
  • Weekly social media schedule
  • Weekly event planner schedule


Not everyone needs to have a weekly schedule or weekly schedule template. Then there are those that would not get much accomplished during the week without one. From busy business executives to those who have cognitive issues, that makes keeping on task challenging, there are individuals that need weekly schedule template that is the same every week.

Then there are those who like being able to have access to a variety of weekly schedule templates. Think of the person who is a teacher, who works out, and has their own kids. They might use one weekly schedule template for their students, another for working out, another for their kids’ extracurricular activities, and a fourth for appointments. Nothing says you have to say with one format for all of your activities.

Keep in mind your audience when choosing your template. While a weekly schedule template that has a cute border and a bubble font might be nice for kids, it would not be very appropriate for a plant manager, or a business consultant. Both might want to have more than one type of weekly schedule template available to keep track of projects, employee schedules, and workgroups.

If you don’t find what you are looking for on the links provided, search for work schedule templates and see what other sites offer that would be a good fit for the task you’re trying to manage. That is another good point. Make sure the template you choose will work for the task you are trying to keep track of. Picking a weekly assignment schedule template will not do you any good if what you need a weekly schedule for is your weekly workouts or project management. Using a weekly schedule template can also assist in teaching good time management skills and how to manage the goals of a project efficiently and effectively.

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